Thursday, February 12, 2009

About Me !!

My name is Devesh Kumar Mishsra, “Your trusted palm reader”, i am in the field of palm reading from the last 10 years. Simultaneously I was looking for a bright future in Software development field, I did M.Sc(Math),MCA and Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing and Sales Management. How am I interested and started in the field of palm reading?, it was when I was child and I used to come home in summer vacation, I have been a habitual reading of books since my childhood . In my grand father’s Library there was lots of books of different subjects and I always used to read books from his library. One day when I was searching some books for reading, luckily I got the book of Palmistry and it was “Lal kitab”, I started reading that book and used to read the lines of palm of our family members as like we are playing a game. But one day I found a different line in my cosine brother as usually I used to tell about the lines of all family members, I told him, he should not take tension and he should remain relax because in the “Lal Kitabe” the meaning of that lines, if any person have such type of line in there hand it means he would be mad or he would commit suicide . And it was most worst think that he committed suicide within a month. After that I realized that lines are true. After that my journey of palmistry had started. So I thought I should read more about palmistry (An Ancient Science) to help the people to improve their lives.

I could guide in every problem related to you, for example Love, Relationship, Business, Health and Family matters. I learnt palmistry from my childhood. I am strong believer that the actions of our previous lives determine the present. Every event of the present life which is beyond our control is predetermined.

Palmistry is ancient science and it can be proved on the parameter of mathematic. In mathematic two plus two is four similarly, palmistry is like probability, like probability we observe that what is the probability of happening any future and current event. For any event the probability of any event may be 10% or 80% or 90% or 100%. Similarly lines defines the probability of your future that what is the probability of your success and it will define according to how clear your line , is it 100% clear or 10% clear. What mathematics and science done, it give the out put according to the input, and all things are predictable

I spent many years in detailed research and study of Astronomy, Palmistry, Numerology, Gem-therapy, and Mantras etc. My sole motto was to solve the problems being faced by the people in different walks of life. To quote a few such as, that the girl’s family is very rich but marriage is not taking place, an advocate not able to solve his own problem, a doctor not able to treat his own child, etc. Since the age of around 30 he started providing astro-consultations solving the problems with innumerable correct prediction.

During the last 10 years I has gone through hundreds of predictions and has imparted palmist ran consultations to foreigners, NRI people and locals in India also. I has deep studies of this subject and has great expertise over various matters such as Health, Money, Shares and Investments, Travels, Education, Progeny, Litigation, Business and Corporate Matters, Longevity, Career, Marriage and related matters viz. Romance and Divorce. etc


निर्झर'नीर said...

aap bahuaayami pritibha ke dhani hai..I wish all your dreams come true in your life as & when u c..

अविनाश वाचस्पति said...

आपसे बात करके
मन प्रसन्‍न हुआ।

Manish said...

Yaar mere ko aaj pata chal ki aap bhi iss field ho yaar...
mujhe bhi intrest hai yaar

Virendra Singh Chauhan said...

Dev sahab ....aap ke baare me jaankar achha laga.
Aap ke blog per kaafi aachi jaankakri hai. Ab to is padhna hi padega.