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Find Love in Your Palm

Jealous Lover : If heart line is long and goes to the other side of palm and index finger is too long then jealous comes in the the love relationship The jealous lover can show you they love you a lot but they always want what you have or more. Jealous partner feel one kind of competition with you and feel jealous of your achievements and success

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Can i commint sucide ?

Suicidal tendencies in hand: When life is is short , life line stooped at head line, break in head line, island on marriage line.

If anyone has suicide tendency it can be removed by seeing the full palm planetary position and strong and good sign in the hand and by some remedies

Palmistry and Health

Hand fingers Health and consciousness In the palmistry there is 4 types of hand, Air hand , water hand , earth hand and fire hand Actually Indian Vadic palmistry was based on Aurvada and Yoga and it was based on the Panchamahabhootas, fire, air, sky, earth and water, in our hand five fingers represent five elements, so all Panchamahabhootas are related to the fingers and all the elements are related to our body and brain so every hand poster is called mudra in Yoga and it related to the specific area of brain and create specific energy inside the boy and it help to feel the peace, health, joy, success in our life.

1. Gyana Mudra
Touch the tip of the thumb and the tip of the index or 1st finger together. The other 3 fingers have to be kept straight.


This is a very beneficial mudra and anyone can practice this.

A.As the name suggests, this mudra is meant to increase your concentration and memory power.
B.This mudra sharpens your brain power.
C.It has the ability to cure insomnia.
D.Practice this mudra regularly to heal yourself of all mental and psychological disorders like anger, stress, anxiety or even depression.

2. Shuni Mudra
Bring the tip of the middle finger and thumb together, uniting the elements of fire and connection.


A.This mudra symbolizes patience and discipline, and helps us generate a feeling of stability.
B.Use this mudra when you feel you need additional strength to follow through with tasks.

3. Prithvi Mudra or the Mudra of Earth

In this Mudra, the tips of the thumb and the ring finger are touched together. The other fingers are kept straight

Nothing at all. Perform this asana freely.

A.It improves blood circulation throughout the body.
B.Increases patience and tolerance.
C.Increases concentration while meditating.
D.Helps strengthen weak and lean bones. Also increases weight of people suffering from low weight.
E.It reduces weakness, exhaustion and dullness of mind.

4. Varun Mudra or Mudra of Water

This Mudra is made by touching the tips of the thumb and the little finger. Caution

Take care not to press the tip of the little finger near the nail. That will cause dehydration instead of balancing the water level in your body. Benefits

A number of benefits can be achieved by doing this mudra:
A.Varun Mudra balances the water content in our body.
B.It activates fluid circulation within the body keeping it moisturized always.
C.It cures all skin issues like dryness, skin diseases and skin infections. Moreover it also prevents the appearance of pimples for a longer time.
D.It adds a natural glow and luster to your face.
E,Varun Mudra also relieves and prevents any muscle pains that you may suffer from.

Dhan Prapt Karne Ke Tantra - Mantra aur Totake

Dhan Prapt Karne Ke Tantra - Mantra aur Totake
Dhavan Banane ke Chamtkarik upay
1. Shree Shuktam ka path kare
2. Dakshinavarti(south) Sankh ghar me rakhe
3. Shan ko Tulsi ke paas dhee ka deep jalaye

Mole (Til) on the Palm and Mounts

Mole (Til) is related to the palm and it has very important role in the palmistry. Mount of Jupiter : Its create negativity , problem retated in money , obstacles in the fortune, and lose of reputation Mount of Saturn : It also create negative impact and create negativity in the life, it give negative thoughts , bring evil events in the life . Mount of Sun : It create obstacle in the fame and danger of lossing repution and social standing, due to accident or illness. Eye related problem. Mount of Venus : Some serious desiease connected Mount of Mercury : Problem related to finance , and business related and children related problem. He said i had one black mole on my mount of Sun and i got some lose of my repution in my life .

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Why my astrologer asked me to wear Red Coral? He said because your life line is short and their is no mars line in your hand , mars line is like second life line if you had mars line in your palm there was not needed to wear that Red Coral but there is no mars line so its needed to give the protect to your life

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Divorce or Break up line

:Divorce or Break up lin - If there is island or fork or both are in the marriage line then it indicate the the break up or divorce .

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Question: I am surrounded by a world of thoughts. All sorts of negative weird thoughts are consuming my day. I just cant remain present no matter how much I try. Suppose I see a person on the road, my mind gets tied to him. Many such useless thoughts and patterns consume my day and I am becoming very tired and feel like a lost soul.
Dev: Our mind is a collection of lot of thoughts and judgements from the past. Suppose you are 25 years old then for the past 25 years, you have been gathering a lot of thoughts and judgements according to which our mind is conditioned. As and when we become more and more conscious, we happen to observe all these independent thoughts and judgements that come into action. For every small thing that happens, we become very astonished to observe that so many judgements and thoughts flow into it. So whenever we become conscious, we start seeing all these thoughts and judgements in every little action we do. We get very surprised, that how come we are so judgemental in every such little action. This is where our conditioning comes into picture. When we go more and more deep into the mind we see that we are surmounted by an array of thoughts.As if a mountain of thoughts and judgements seem to cover us up. That is why when we try to go beyond the mind, the mind tries to make it very difficult for us. When we try to concentrate, we are trying to go against the mind. All the time we have a tendency to associate or label feelings/thoughts with "I".Whenever we have a thought, like say go to the office, we associate 'I' with it. We feel like that we are doing it. So in the beginning a thought arrives and we associate with the thought. When we try to not associate the negative thoughts with 'I', then our mind makes us go weird. Mind plays many tricks on us. It bring many weird thoughts at any point and, when we become conscious we become aware of it. Then we say that " why are we thinking like this?" What is the reason for this thought? Mind has this tendency to bring weird thoughts to make us feel that whatever its saying is true. Mind is as vast as an ocean of thoughts, because it has been conditioned for so many years and what we have done has become memory. It gets very difficult to go beyond the mind, its difficult to go beyond the memory, its difficult to go beyond the thoughts. But we should try to anchor ourselves with the body and see if we can hold our concentration to be with the body and not become identified with the mind.The more conscious we become, the thoughts try to become more big and try to reign havoc in our lives. So first we should start to go beyond the mind, beyond the thoughts by using the "Sankalp", do any small work with the consciousness, for example you can do any thing like i will sit on the chair only 5 mint but in the 5 mint i will not move and this small work will increase your consciousness and this will increase be ur will power and ur Sankalp Shakti that will create consciousness and after 5 mint you will go beyond the thoughts, you will feel your confusion has gone and you will feel more peace and joy at heart heart.

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Read what is written in your and your partner's palm

Robin Westen is an Emmy Award-winning daytime television writer. She has been writing a weekly quiz column for Woman's World magazine for nearly 20 years She specializes in health, relationships, sex issues, and parenting. Westen has authored several books, including the bestselling YA biography of Oprah Winfrey, I Don't Believe In Failure
In her book Relationship Repair: Quizzes, Exercises, Advice & Affirmations to Mend Any Matter of the Heart Robin Westen wirites that read the hand of ururand partner's hand to know the compatibility , relationshyuip status...she says Every hand is unique ..perhaps thats why resding palms is an ancient tool not only to understand the past and predict the future but to comprenhent a person's true natrue ..of course , true palm reading takes life time study ..however, this snapshot view will definitelly give u insights into ur lovers life she says by palm reading you can know the sadness or complications in relationships, are you feeling good about yourself or not, your partner will cheat or not, are your partner is flirting or not ..is your partner is relaibel and trustworthy or not by palm readingt it will come to know that relationship will be longtr-term, happy, comminted or not ..by palm reading you will come to know about the relationshyuip status

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Question: Dev, I feel very confused at times. Also when I move to a certain area, I feel as if i am spreading the confusion out there too. Like I went to a market place and I was feeling confused and I could see hat even the shopkeeper was feeling confused and was behaving in confusion. I have felt this many a times, that the external situation turns out to be in a similar way like how I am feeling within myself.
Dev: We are all a source of energy. Our bodies are a source of energy. So when you are outside you are actually emitting your consciousness. The feeling of confusion that arises in the mind is completely natural and it happens because we are constantly breaking and changing ourself. We are constantly changing, thats why our mind gets confused always. But, the person who has seen you will not know what is changing within you. He will have an impression about you and based on that he will try to judge you. Like when you are new in the world of consciousness and you are the beginner stages you are bound to feel confused because all this time you have focussed on the outer world and based on that perception you have created an image of yourself. But when we try to understand consciousness, then we are trying to understand something new which we have not learnt for the past twenty years. So definitely, we will feel very difficult at times. Just like a student has to first learn ABCD, then only he can proceed to learn more things. In the world of consiousness, we are new students and we are constantly learning something new. So initially you are bound to feel confused. And also remember, that we should not try to change a person, we should only try to change his consciousness. Because if we change the consciousness of a person, then the present will change. We should only try to affect the consciousness of a person. The more conscious we become, the more it will reflect in our outer world. We always emit a different breath for every emotion. Like say for love there is a breath, for anger there is a breath, for pain there is a breath. If we can feel the breath with the emotion, then we can change the breath. And breath is nothing but our soul.

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Hand shape gives a clue about Genes, Chromosomes & DNA!

DNA polymerase η is unique among eukaryotic polymerases in its proficient ability to replicate through a variety of distorting DNA lesions. We report here the crystal structure of the catalytic core of S. cerevisiae DNA polymerase η, determined at 2.25Å resolution. The structure reveals a novel polydactyl right hand-shaped molecule with a unique polymerase-associated domain. We identify the catalytic residues and show that the fingers and thumb domains are unusually small and stubby. In particular, the unexpected absence of helices “O” and “O1” in the fingers domain suggests that openness of the active site is the critical feature which enables DNA polymerase η to replicate through DNA lesions such as a UV-induced cis-syn thymine-thymine dimer.

Evolution of the human hand

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Lungs and Throat Problem !

Lungs and Throat Problem... if there is island in the head line and and there is break in the life line it means there would be problem in your lungs or throat..
Ed Campbell : Interesting idea. But I do not see any correspondences on the percussion and this photo is not clear enough to show closure of the island. Also the time references do not seem to be related.

Saswata Debray : @Pic, Not necessarily. it could be ear (hearing) problems too...I think the head line ending almost in an island near outer mars is a surer indication of lung problem..

Dev Palmistry : @ Sawata..Dear whenever i post anything on my wall..i have lots of research and data base regarding this and then i post anything on the wall..my approach for Palmistry is scientific not only read book and say anything...i give my inner energy and my dedication in that field..for me palmistry is not just to see the palm for me..palmistry is the Gate of Spirituality..when people come to me...i just don't give them palm reading and remedies..i love to give them the teaching of life...i just don't catch fish for them i just try to teach them to catch fish...its very deep and i don't know what is ur knowledge about palmistry but when ever i post anything on my wall i have lots of proof and not only one data...its more then at least 10...my approach is like science..science first hypothesis and after that it do experiment and when the result comes again and again then it becomes formula..similarly if result comes again and again then i make it final decision and then i post anything on the wall...so if u don't have any data regarding this so u should not say like this....if u have data then say otherwise learn and then write any comment....

Saswata Debray : I also have data dear. I also dont say anything without multiple case studies. I discuss the case studies in the secret palmistry group. I think you are also a member of the group and you can easily see by the discussions we have there. Hope to see your involvement there and hope we all will learn a lot from you. But that should not stop me from saying my views regarding a particular sign combination to which you might differ...

Saswata Debray : I will post the very interesting case studies of lung and throat problems in the secret palmistry group soon

Saswata Debray @Dev, Also I would like to see the ".its more then at least 10" case studies which you mentioned. I would surely want to extend my knowledge.. February 28, 2011 at 3:11am · Like Ed Campbell I find a line on the percussion a little below the level of the head line (if it were drawn straight across the hand) can be a sign of possible lung problems, but they must be differentiated from heart problems, especially on the left hand. Other signs at that level may also be taken into consideration. Observe the color, if possible. Red will indicate acute problems, dark blue or black will indicate chronic problems. Easier to see on fair skinned persons.

Saswata Debray : "I find a line on the percussion a little below the level of the head line (if it were drawn straight across the hand) can be a sign of possible lung problems" Exactly Ditto. Couldn't agree with you more, Ed. That is the SEAT for lung related problems in the hand...If we start tossing around with very basic palmistry rules, we will soon mess up with the subject and each hand will be like a new revelation lol. No offence meant to anyone, though

Saswata Debray : Just to repeat which I said before "I think the head line ending almost in an island near outer mars is a surer indication of lung problem.." - that is near-around the same area what you (Ed) mentioned February 28, 2011 at 8:46am · Like · 1 Ed Campbell If it dips I could agree. If it is straight, I would tend to look at the problem more in the throat. A line is a little above this on the percussion it often indicates one who grinds (bruxes) their teeth. Check for jaw and teeth problems. Above that look for sinus problems and possible headaches, but also check the eyes and ears. I find the top of the head at abut the level of the heart line (if there are both heart and head lines). Most of the time I don't worry about such signs unless I see color in the area, and then I check even if I do not see a sign.

Saswata Debray : "A line is a little above this on the percussion it often indicates one who grinds (bruxes) their teeth. Check for jaw and teeth problems" - Teeth and jaw, I guess, again falls in bone category. Should Saturn also not be involved in that case?

Ed Campbell : Well, teeth grinding is more of a muscular problem. Bone problems in the jaw might be reflected in the lower part of the Mount of Saturn. I find the fate (Saturn) lines reflective of the central axis of the body, bones, muscles and joints: The legs through the sacrum below the head line, the back between the head line and the heart line and the neck and head beginning at the heart line and moving towards the fingers. Neck problems frequently reflect at the heart line, lower back problems at the head line, muscle spasms and cramps in areas of multiple fate lines, knees about midway to the wrist and the feet and ankles below that. Also, Sydney lines and similar heart lines can indicate a blockage of the Qui that backs up and causes shoulder discomfort that can be cured by learning to move the Qui in and out of the hand and releasing the back pressure of the blocked Qui into the shoulder. I have a special visual meditation I teach for this. Unusual shapes and line locations will obviously require diagnostic adjustments. Very helpful in predicting future sports injuries, etc, so it is good in designing training programs.

Dev Palmistry : @ Saswata..Dear Saswata...ur aspect of palmistry is not scientific as well as not spiritual....I appreciate ur work..ur doing a great job..but ur aspect of palmistry is not scientific , not spiritual...See the Comment of Mr. Ed Campbell- "Interesting idea." Ed's aspect of Palmistry is scientific as well as spiritual...He is not saying "Not" his mind is like Einstein..like Buddha, like Mahavira...accepting mind...he is saying yes it may be possible..only Einstein can say Interesting idea..only Buddha can say Interesting idea...Only Einstein only Buddha can say this...Einstein will say Oh let me think this way..i have never though regarding this..really its interesting idea..Only Spiritual mind , only scientific mind can say this...coz its state of mind....When Einstein says palmistry may be one of the vital science of the future..he has open his mind for all the possibilities...not his mind was closed..he had not said ...."Not Necessarily"...coz he knows life is deep..life is not only physics ..life is not only mathematics...coz he knows life is deep and subtle...in mathematics 2+2 will be 4 but in the life's mathematics 2+2 cab be 100 and some time it can be 0...that's why life is mystery...even u can not predict the nature of electron some time its behave like matter and some time like wave..and first time scientist become confused but they realized when u go to more nearer to life u can not predict it ...then there is needed deep eyes..deep trust to understand...When Einstein say this, he is accepting all the possibilities...and he knows there r lots of reason for one event...there r lots of dependencies..and palmistry is related to life..so u can't predict it like mathematics, palmistry is not like mathematics and when palmistry become mathematics it will become dead..its beauty that is its not like mathematics...yes one branch of Mathematics is going deep and it is close to palmistry..close to life..and it is Probability..there is probability and its dependencies...coz there is dependencies...

Saswata Debray : Then, kindly prove that your method is scientific. Also please exhibit the "at least 10" case studies where you had said island in head line and life break is there and all of them have lung and throat problem.. I had already said " I would surely want to extend my knowledge.." That clearly proves my mind is more open than anyone here. Ed had used his preferable language to indicate his mind is open and I have used my language. I might not borrow any one else's language to show my mind is open. Hope that answers your confusion, dear friend. Also, the point here is not whether my mind is more open or your's or Ed's or Einstein's. The discussion was going on in impersonal lines not personal. I was just saying not always ('not necessarily') such a combination in the hand might show lung and throat problem. March 4, 2011 at 9:32am · Like · 1 John Lord Bonnet The island sign can be called a sign of misfortune. Island can be found anywhere on the palm, but not found on figures or thumb. Islands if found in the vertical position on the palm are very much inauspicious.

Saswata Debray : I completely agree with you. Practically those points are very true. Wonderful to know from you

Dev Palmistry : @Chastityrose...Dear Chastityrose...Thanks for ur appreciation...i can see how deep eyes u have regarding to life...definitely ur aspect of life is not only see the fruit and flower of tree but also see the root of tree..and root is always in the dark..and u have to see the root only through ur deep eyes...u have to believe...a deep trust is needed...i can see ur unconscious mind...i can see the beauty of ur unconscious mind....really i respect the way u think, the way u r searching the root of life....

Devesh bhai u came to my life as a light who made me believe that my future is bright. Shall i call u an angel or a messenger just want to say that u r a boon to me by god as a brother.

Thanks With regards
Shikha vashishtj

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Career In Palm

I am Abhinav, Hope you remember me. I came with Amit, Praveen and Abhey. The one with mysterious eyes :P Thanks for the help and advise. I have got a nice job in Hyderabad and moving tomorrow. Tries to contact and make appointment with you but could not reach you. I am thankful for all the help and guidance you gave me. It would have been a pleasure to meet you again but unfortunately I have to leave. I will send you my hand scans after settling down some time next month. Your sweets are due and I have asked Amit and all to meet and give you on my behalf. My meeting with Dev ji was a spontaneous one. Coming back from UK after 3 years, my life was in a transition phase. I was in Delhi with my childhood friends who follow Dev ji and went to meet him with them. One thing that stand out with Dev ji is that he is not a normal palmist who will give complex advices which are hard to follow. An engineer by profession, his advices come with scientific reasoning which was an important factor in building trust. Myself being a scientist and engineer , it was easy to connect to the level of reasoning and objectives of the advice. Our interaction was more of a discussion rather than just seeking advice. He has high ethical integrity and does not give advice just for sake of it. After reading my palm, he was just happy to say that I don't need to do anything special and don't need much help for anything, just told me to wear some gem. I followed the simple advices given by him and got a good job in Hyderabad and started a new chapter of life in India. I am grateful to the support and advice given by Dev ji and strongly recommend anyone in trouble to seek help not as a palmist but as a friend who is there to help you. Abhinav

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Narad Was the First Palmist

Palmistry is originited in India and the ancinet script in Purans state that the first Palmist was the sage Narad.After Narad Hindu sages like Gautam, Kashyap, Agastya and Maharishi Valmiki had been the Palmist.In Shiv Puran there is an story that Narada read the palm of Goddess Pravati...

Narada went to Himavan, Himavan and his wife Meena fell at his feet and sought his blessings. Narada was a great palmist and could accurately predict a person's
future by looking into the palm. Himavan and Meena requested him to look at Parvathi's palm and tell about her future.

The parents listened with a sinking heart while Narada continued, "It is her future that is worrisome. The more I study about her prospective husband, the more worried do I become. It is written in the lines of her palm that her husband would be an orphan of unknown parentage. He would be ill kept, dirty and careless. He would not wear any dress and would be half naked all the time. He would regularly
partake alcohol and soma rasa. He would be addicted to intoxicating herbs like opium and cannabis. He would regularly visit burial grounds, crematoriums and other dirty places. He would keep company of low caste scavengers and Chandalas. Oh! The more I read about Parvathi's husband, the more worried I get!" Himavan and Meena were aghast because Narada's predictive abilities were renowned in the three worlds and they did not want their flower like daughter to fall in the hands of the person of the type Narada had described. Young Parvathi however understood the prediction fully
and was inwardly bursting with happiness. She said, "Oh Narada! May your reputation of the world's best palmist be always maintained and may your prophesies always come true"

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Swami Vivekananda's Palm !!

Swamiji’s palm impression appeared in the book Language of the Hand by Cheiro.
Cheiro was a famous palmist in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
No doubt, one of Swamiji’s wealthy friends in New York took him to Cheiro to have his palm read.

When Swamiji was young he and other boys would try to foretell the future by reading each other’s palms. “Naren was the chief palmist of them all. He told them that he would be a monk: there was no mistake about it. ‘See!’ he would say triumphantly, ‘there is the sure sign of a sannyasi.’ And he would point out certain lines on his hand which an old man had once told him were characteristic of the tendency to

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Solution for Your Problem !!

If you have any query or problem regarding :
Love Marriage,
you can ask me and send me your palm photo on my mail : palmreading007@gmail.com or you can call me 9911360392

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Why I believe In Palmitrty !!

Hi, My name is Karan and my personal experience of meeting Mr. Devesh was absolutely remarkable. He is indeed a wonderful person to be with and a great mentor of course. I was surprised about the very accurate statements which he gave while reading my hand. As a child, I was always interested in the occult be it in the form of Vedic astrology or palmistry. These things used to fascinate me in a way as I do believe in past live karma's and their effects on human beings. Every cause that we make does have a simultaneous effect. Keeping this in mind, I began to do research on the subject of palmistry as a science which gave me immense pleasure. I started analyzing the lines of my hand and then compared them accordingly. While I was doing this, I came across the website of Devesh-(a Noted palm reader), and could not stop myself but fixed up an appointment with him. I was very inquisitive to know about my future in general.

I am extremely grateful to him for the excellent advice which was given to me from his end. It has really inspired me to move on in a positive direction. I really look forward for a next meeting with him as soon as possible. Infact, for anyone who would ask me about palmistry, I would be the first person to recommend Devesh as he has great knowledge about the subject, and you can confide in him anything as a sweet & trustworthy friend.

Take care, god bless and my good wishes are always there with you.

Best Regards,


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Why some times REMEIDIES do not work Properly ?

Gem StoneMantraYantra

Why some time Remedies do not work properly ?

Some times people come to me and say that remedies is not working properly...and its true in some situation...there are two types of problem in the hand regarding planets...first planet is in lower position means planet is week by birth...suppose moon or sun or Jupiter is week by birth and second things is sun, moon or mercury it is fine by birth but it is not fine in current time means there is problem in the current time..so when u give remedies if planets is week by birth then it take more time to improve rather than if there is problem in the planets but this planets was not week by birth but in current time there is problem...i have observed this situation..suppose i have given some remedies for both condition..means to improve the power of planets which is week by birth and planet which is not week by birth but right now it is not fine...and i observe that week planet take long time and remedies work slowly rather than which planet is not fine in current position...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Divorce Line !!

Is there Divorce Line In my Hand ? Will we separate with each other ? Why we separated with each other ? Some time there is lots of question in ur mind like this and u dont know why this happend in ur life the answer is in ur palm lines..

If any person has line like it goes from mount of mercury to just below the mount of Jupiter or mount of lower mars, its a very powerful sign of divorce...and also have the black dot in the third phalanx of the thumb then it is confirm.

When he came to me for palm reading i told him that his conjugal life is not going good and it is going to finished... i told him if u want to save marriae life you have no time to save it and there is also some remedies by which u can stop it but you have not time because you came late to me and there is also some problem in ur marriage line...he said yes i got marriage just a one year before and after 4 months we separated and we have case a file 4 divorce and i don't know why she fight with me and i don't feel relaxed with her.. all the time she fight with me...i analyzed his hand and told him you have also a girl friend but she is not going to marry you and your relationship with that girl is also not very fine..he said yes some time she said yes i will marry you but suddenly some time she said i will not marry you..i told him since there is problem in ur marriage line so if u have 50 girl friend u will have the same problem it means there was not problem in that girl, problem is in ur hand so you have to remove this problem otherwise you can not marry any girl. To remove this obstacles u have to use some remedies.

There is also an person came to me he has same line they has got love marriage and she was with him 4 month and after 4 month she went to her home and she did not come to his life and she also file a case for divorce...since he loves her very much and he don't know why she suddenly left him and case a file 4 divorce..he used to cry 4 her but they finally got divorced.

If you have any query or problem regarding Career, Marriage, Love, Love Marriage, Relationship, Money, Business,Divorce, Health, you can ask me and send me your palm photo on my mail : palmreading007@gmail.com or you can call me 9911360392

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Know your Career through Palmistry

1. F UR FATE LINE or destiny line end at the first finger or on Jupiter mount u can have internet in politics, philosophy and law, So u should choose ur career in that field and u will be successful in ur career and in ur life.

2. IF UR FATE LINE end on the mount of Saturn(second finger) u can be in banking, teaching, trade , a business. If there is such type of ur fate life so u can choose ur career in that field.

3.IF UR FATE LINE end at the mount of sun(third finger) such type of person involve in the creativity, u can become an artist, musician,poet, singer. Most famous Actor Amitabh Bachchan has same type of fate line also Shah Rakh Khan has the same.

4.IF UR FATE LINE end at the mercury mount(fourth finger) that person have good communication power, so if u want to make ur career in the field of marketing or sales or in media. I met a person who was in marketing and sales field i saw his hand and told to him that u r not feeling good in ur job and u will not be successful in this field, he first oppose me that his job is going good but after one month come to me and told me that he could not do better in his field what he should he do..i suggest him that ur communication power is not good so u can not survive in that field u can open ur own business and he resign his job and now he is doing his business and he is doing very well.

If you have any query or problem regarding Career, Marriage, Love, Love Marriage, Relationship, Money, Business,Divorce, Health, you can ask me and send me your palm photo on my mail : palmreading007@gmail.com or you can call me 9911360392

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Dev Palmsitry Article in the Gujrati New Paper !!

One of my client inform me that "What is worry lines ? the lines which are going to lower mars to any other lines. " is published in the Gujarati New Paper "DIVYABHASKAR"

Rahul : hi, ur article has published in divyabhaskar

Devesh: hi

Rahul : saw ur article in divyabhaskar,i think they hv copy paste from ur article
its regarding mars like(worry line) u hv said its an opportunity line

Devesh : divyabhaskar WHAT is this

Rahu l: gujarati news paper

Devesh : would u plz u give me the link of that page

Rahul : i ll send u for sure, they hv clearly mentioned people think its worry n heath issue line but it is opportunity line, even they hv put same photo as u hv put, i mean photo of hand indicating worry line(opportunity line)

Rahul : when i saw it it remind me ur article, for sure these guys must hv pasted ur article

Devesh: can i convert it into hindi

Rahul: No, its gujarati news paper

Devesh: do u know gujarati

Rahul : but it has written same as ur article
yeah i know

Devesh: its same as mine

Rahul : yeah

Devesh: like conversion

Rahul : no wonder u r good palmist, they have written dis lines r supportive line person who has it they r very sharp minded,logical thinking,they trust on others,n they get opportunity in life periodically, even abt dat mars line i told many they r good but our old astrologer u know how rigid they r

The original post on DevPalmistry is this :


Conversation With Palmistry Lover :

Deepak's Question :
What is worry lines ? the lines which are going to lower mars to any other lines.

Devesh: Have u read about this any where ?
Deepak's Question : yes i have read in lots of book that such type of lines are worry lines.
Devesh: No these are not worry lines. Actually these are the second luck lines, and u can see in ur palm there different lines which are going to mount of mercury and mount of sun.
Deepak's Question : What is the meaning of this when it goes to mount of mercury ?
Devesh: When it goes to mount of mercury it gives you wealth and prosperity.And actually it gives you land , vehicle and house.
Deepak's Question : And what is the meaning of when it goes to mount of sun ?
Devesh : When it goes to mount of sun it give u fame and make u popular, such type of lines are found in Politician, Stars, IAS, PCS officers or Famous Business man.
Deepak's Question: But some writer says it is worries lines ?
Devesh : No this is not right, but such types of writer have not there won experience , they has just read anywhere.They have read some books and according to that they says. I have also read about that this is worries lines but its my own experience that it is the second luck line. Some writer says this is "Rahu lines" and since they says it is rahu lines so they say it is worries lines. My aspect of palmistry is scientific.I analyze any particular line and if any prediction came again again in lots of people then i make a decision that it is final decision.

In the DIVYABHASKAR the article is like that :

કહેવાય છે કે હાથમાં દેખાનારી રેખામાં વ્યક્તિનું ભવિષ્ય સંતાયેલું છે. હાથમાં હદ્યરેખા, મસ્તિષ્ક રેખા, જીવન રેખા અને ભાગ્ય રેખા જોવા મળે છે. આ ઉપરાંત કેટલીક રેખાઓ સહાયક રેખા છે. જે કોઈ પણ વ્યક્તિના જીવનમાં પ્રભાવ પાડે છે. એવી જ એક રેખા છે મંગળ રેખા..

- મંગળ રેખા હથેળીમાં નિમ્મ મંગળ એટલે કે અંગૂઠાની પાસે ધરાવનારા ક્ષેત્રથી નીકળતી હોય તો તે શુક્ર તરફ આગળ વધે છે. એવી જ એક રેખા એક થી વધારે અધિક હોય છે. તે દરેક રેખાઓ પાતળી, મોટી, ઉંડી અને નબળી હોઈ શકે છે. તેને મંગળ રેખા કહેવામાં આવે છે.

- તેમાં બે ભેદ છે. એક તો એવી રેખાઓ જે જીવન રેખાઓની સાથે આગળ વધે છે. એટલા માટે તેમને જીવન રેખાની સહાયક રેખા પણ કહેવામાં આવે છે. બીજી એ સીધી રીતે આગળ વધે છે.

- જેના હાથમાં એવી રેખાઓ હોય છે તે વ્યક્તિ ખૂબ પ્રભાવશાળી હોય છે. તેમના મગજ ખૂબ તેજ હોય છે. તેમાં વિશેષ સ્વરુપથી વિચારવાની અને સમજવાની શક્તિ હોય છે. જીવનમાં તેઓ જે નિર્ણય લે છે તે એક જ વાર લે છે. તેઓ અંત સુધી તે નિર્ણયને નિભાવે છે. એવા લોકો સંપૂર્ણ રીતે વિશ્વાસપાત્ર હોય છે. આ પ્રકારે વ્યક્તિ જીવનમાં અનેક ઉદ્દેશ્ય લઈને આગળ વધે છે. પરંતુ તેઓ લક્ષ્ય પ્રાપ્ત નથી કરી શકતા. તેમને વધારે ગુસ્સો નથી આવતો.

- બીજા પ્રકારની મંગળ રેખા જે જીવન રેખાને છોડીને સીધી જ આગળ વધે છે. આ રેખાઓ શુક્ર પર્વત પર પહોંચે છે. એવી વ્યક્તિ ખૂબ બેજવાબદાર હોય છે. તેમનો સ્વભાવ થોડો ચિડીયો હોય છે. આવેશમાં આવીને તેઓ બધું જ કરવા તૈયાર હોય છે.

- જો મંગળ રેખામાંથી કેટલીક રેખાઓ આગળ નીકળીને ઉપર તરફ વધે તો તેમના જીવનમાં ખૂબ વધારે સારું થાય છે. તેમની ઈચ્છાઓ પૂર્ણ કરવાના તેઓ હંમેશા પ્રયત્નો કરતા હોય છે.

- જો રેખા ભાગ્ય રેખા સાથે મળીને આગળ વધે તો વ્યક્તિનો ખૂબ ઝડપથી ભાગ્યોદય થાય છે.

- જો મંગળ રેખા હ્દય રેખાથી મળે તો તે વ્યક્તિ જરુરિયાતથી વધારે ભાવુક હોય છે.

- જો મંગળ રેખા, ભાગ્યરેખા અને સૂર્યરેખાને કાપે તો તેમનું જીવન જરુરિયાતથી વધારે મુશ્કેલીઓ અનુભવે છે.

- જો મંગળ રેખા પ્રબળ, પુષ્ટ હથેળીમાં ઘસાયેલી હોય તો બેવડી હોય તો તે વ્યક્તિ નિશ્ચિત સ્વરુપે હથિયારો અને ડાકુ હોય છે.

- મંગળ રેખા વિવાહ રેખાને સ્પર્શી લે તે તેનું ગૃહસ્થ જીવન નષ્ટ થઈ જાય છે.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Will you be cheated in your Love !!

A middle finger that bends represents the Exploration Deficit Syndrome. This is exemplified as a strong rebelliousness in youth, which may include illicit sex or sublimation with alcohol or drugs. Or it may be expressed in adventurous travels. Where the rebelliousness is repressed, the person would suffer a deep sense of estrangement. This person would feel that he was not an integral part of the environment even though it contained everything needed.

She has a relationship with her boy friend and she had also a sex relationship with her boy friend in early age,even she was only 10+2 student. When i meat her parents and her grand parents , they were very sad and said they have fed up with her activity,she has relationship and she don't care her parents. She don't care about any body not even her parents and her grand parents.

There is also an another girl who was very badly fall in love and she has spoiled her career for her love, her middle finger is bend, she has taken some medicine and had admitted in the hospital and become well know in her society for this reason.She knows that her boy friend is using her and she wanted to get ride of him.She don't have good impression on her parents.Such Type of person always unsuccessful in his/her love relationship.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Will i have love marriage or not ?

Your hand is lucky hand as well practical hand so it very good that it is combination of both.

1) Will i have love marriage? I like girl named will i marry her ?

Influence lines inside the life line continue to follow the than all is well with the relationship , but if the line begins to veer off towards the ball of
the thumb the marriage is falling.But there is one infulence line is cuting through the fate line it will create problem to make love marraige. as u grow ur relationship would be more better with ur friend (girl friend), since in the beging you and ur friend is mark you are not likely to find at the start of relationship. So u will be successful to get your love but there might be problem in your love marraige...

So remove this problem chant this mantra : Om chamunde taru tatu (girl Name) karshay akarshay swaha and I will you the Yantra for that purpose.

2) When will i have abroad trip (or whether its in my destiny or not)?

There is possibility but not in early years and for this i m sending u the Chandra Yantra.Take the print out of the Chandra Yantra and use this yantra on ur pooja room or you can also use it in your room.

3)How will be my married life ?

Your life partner would be more lucky for you and you will be more successful after marriage..it may be you will start and progress of new business which makes you more independent and you will earn more name and fame...Your marriage life will be fine.

4) How will be my finances?

Since your sun line is very fine so u will have sense of deep satisfaction and u will have achievement in terms of finances success.Right now you are not being able to save money but after the marriage u will be able to save money and there is chance of instance money..instance money means sudden money...

5) Will i be happy in my life or not cause since birth i am not happy with my life ,will my life will hard or after sometime its is going to better

Yes , Life was not easy in growing - up the you grow up to thinking so this make you you touchy person. Since little problem in Saturn and Sun, so use to porning the water to sun with that mantra : Om Hraam Hreem Hraum Sah Suryaye Namah. and for saturn wear Gem "....." 1/4 ratati and take the blessing of God Shani...if possible life the deep at evening at Shani Temple and don't umbrella(black) to any poor person on Saturday.

6) Why i am so unlucky ? i know i don't have strong luck line.

Since there is island on your luck line thats why there is problem in your life but don't worry the effect of this is about to finish and i will give you the Some Yantra which remove the bad impact of that island.

There are some more points :

You have a very good leadership quality.

You are a family oriented person.

You have not been a flirting person.

Love affair is there in your life and there are 3 girls in your life.

Increase the nail of little finger

You will have success suddenly.

Little bit communication gap with your father

You are flexible , you give priority to relationship rather than money.

Note : Don't chant any Mantra and don't use any Yantra without showing the palm to the Palmist or Astrologer.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Are you like your Mother or like your Father !!

Since we inherite characteristics from mother and father and we behave or think like our fahter or like mother its depends on your hand and your mother and father's hand.

If the left hand or passive hand of child is like mother's hand, the child will behave like mother, child will have similer emotional responces like his mother.If the right or positive hand of child will be like father, child will be like his father.

In this photos child left hand is like mother's hand so child is like her mother.

Mother HandChild Left HandFather Hand

Friday, September 3, 2010

Cheiro did the Panchanguli Devi Sadhana !

Panchanguli Devi is Devi for Palmist and Astrologer."PANCHANGUI DEVI" is a sawroop of Ma Durga it litterly meaning means Panch Anguli (Five Fingers). She is the deity of Palmistry and Astrology.Panch-anguli is the deity of Kaal Gyaan i.e. who can help one know about Time. Through her Sadhana a person could easily foresee future mishaps and avoid the same in time. Also it is through Her Sadhana that a person could become expert in Palmistry and a reliable soothsayer.
Palmist pray and do Sadhana to her to help them to predict future by reading hand.Panchanguli Devi is Devi of Jyotish Sastra(Palmistry).

The Famous Palmist Cheiro has done Sadhana of "PANCHANGULI DEVI" by the blessing and virtue of which he could make the absolute and accurate prediction.
For learling and doing "PANCHANGUI DEVI" sadhana he come to India and did that sadhana with the gurus in India and become the master in Palmistry.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Conversation On the Compatibility !!

Conversation On the Compatibility with Devesh and Manprit !!

Manprit: Apko kya lagta hai meri marriage mein kya compatibility issue hai?
Devesh : Kai essue hai Manprit, moon ki condition, Jupiter ki condition, Venus ki condition differnt hai aap dono ki, your husband is more infulenced by Mars and you are more influenced by Moon and Venus, your palm is water not 100% but combination
of water and air and your husband's hand is air and earth hand type and more fire than earth, it should be more earth , but it more fine..
Manprit: Devesh aap mujhe woh sab points bataiye jo meri aur unki personality mein prominent hain aur jinki wajah se conflict hai ? mera jaanna zaroori hai, kyuki maine boht socha hai is baare mein, din raat subah shaam ... itna socha hai ki ab mere dimaag mein sirf yahi baat ghumti rehti hai ki yeh kami kyun hai kis wajah se, 24/7 yeh baat mujhe kachot ti rehti hai, mujhe pata lagana hai taaki main iska solution nikaal sakun, shayad mujhe hi kuch theek karna ho khud mein, shayad usse situation better ho jaye, at least i can try, aap bataoge mujhe plz
Devesh : He cant understand the feeling of women, how women thing , how womem work, what she want, which thing give her comfort, he dont think in the way of female, he dont have the abitity because of his hand is fire hand
Manprit: Yahi problem hai ya aur bhi kuch hai ?
Devesh : Aur kuchh means
Manprit: Means yahi ek wajah hai that he cannot think what women think ?? ya iske alawa aur bhi koi issue hai hamare beech
Devesh : There is some more issue, like mount of Venus, heart line, lenght of Ring finger, testosterone harmone, type of hand etc..
Manprit: How does that affect us ?
dev2mail: It affect Manprit, because in the world there r different king of people and there thoughts...even in the Aurveda it is said that there are three type of people, Tamsic, Satvik and Rajsick...and Phychologist know how many types of people..like introverd and extrovert.. u can ask the physcian and psychologist
Manprit: Means the length and size of mount of Venus, heart line and lenth of ring finer u mean the sexual aspect of testosterone ?
Devesh : Yes but its work at subtal level...it is the matter of subconsious mind and your husband's ring finger is shorter than index finger
Manprit: Thoda detail mein bataiye ..i want to know how is it affecting us subconsciously, mujhe jaan na hai jo bhi hai, jaisa bhi hai
Devesh : What do u want to know Manprit ?
Manprit: Sab kuch ....jo baatein hum dono ko alag karti hain aur jo hum dono ko ek jaisa banaati hain .... mera jaan na boht zaroori hai kyunki yeh mujhe boht affect kar chuka hai already, aap meri help hi karoge mujhe batakar.
Devesh : Actuall Manprit match making esiliye ki jati hai shadi se pahale, aap ab na apane pati ke mind set ko change kar payengi na kuch koi aur ese change karna bhi galta hoga, qki hum jo hai , jaisa God ne hame banaya hai , hame vahi hona chahiye, fire person are good in army , aur army ke liye unase mahan koi nahi hai , but yadi unase poetry karvayenge to unase bada bevkuf koi nahi hoga... poetry ke liye , art ke liye air hand aur water hand se bada mahan koi nahi hai, this is the point Manprit, actually har person ki ek thought hoti hai, aur vah usi ke according work karta hai.
Manprit: Unki thought process change nahi karna chahti main, woh impossible bhi hai i m aware of it,i respect him d way he is .... mere sath compatibility nahi hai iska matlab yeh nahi hai ki woh bure insan hain, i never think like that, main khud ke liye hi pooch rahi thi, agar mujhe unke baare mein details pata hongi aur apne baare mein bhi to main situations ko avoid kar sakti hun,jo conflict paida karti hain bas isiliye ...
Devesh : Haa Manprit ye baat thik hai, bas easake liye yahi kiya ja sakta hai ki understanding ko jitana ho sake badhaya jaye dono taraf se aur mai kuchh remedies dunga jise aapko karna hai
Manprit: u know main shuru ke kayi saalon tak sochti thi ki kyun hum logon mein banti nahi ... kya wajah hai, kyu unko meri baat samajh mein nahi aati, maine kabhi yeh socha hi nahi ki hamari compatibility kyun nahi hai,compatibility itna bada issue kyun hai meri life mein ye maine kabhi nahi jana tha.
Devesh : haa yah bahut badi problem rahi hai ancient time se hi Manprit, esiliye es par bahut kaam kiya gaya hai har perid me..qki jab ham shadi ke bandhan me bdhate hai to yah sirf do jivan ki hi bat nahi hoti do parivaro ki bat hoti hai..usake bad aane wali generation ki bat hoti hai aur yah bahut badi bat hai...haamri jisase shadi huyi aur usase hamari nahi ban rahi hai to eska ye matlab nahi hai ki aapke pati galat hai ya aap galat ho ..yaha par bat etani hai ki aapki compatibility sahi nahi ha...lekin tab hum kya karna shuru kar dete hai..hum kahte hai ki tum galat ho..
Manprit: Hona chahiye .... yeh sirf do logon ke aapas ki baat nahi hai .. yeh do families ko aur aane wali generations ko affect karta hai
Devesh : You are 100% right, bahut badi bat hai ye, other wise pura jivan adhura hi rah jata hai, mai aap ko bahau ek couple hai , jinki shadi ko around 25 year ho gaye, 21 year ka beta hai but ve aaj bhi es compativlity ki vajahse untane hi probelme hai jitani ki aapki life me problem hai, love hai hi nahi unki life me , understanding hai hi nahi unki life me , jeevan hai hi nahi unki life me, achcha business hai unka, sub kcchh hai but jeevan hi nahi hai.
Manprit: Mujhe lagta hai ki aapka khud ka karma hi hota hai jo aapko jahan use le jana hota hai woh le jata hai ...phir aap chaahe jitna satark raho , jitna bhi alert raho woh seconds mein situation badal deta hai bina aapko koi clue diye .... main pehle maanti nahi thi yeh baat, par ab maanti hun, i know now how it works ....
Manprit: aapki zindagi mein jo likha hua hai woh hoga hi aap usko badal nahi sakte, shayad woh humko apne dhang se sikhaana chahta hai
Devesh : Semi destiny ko change kiya jaa sakta hai Manprit aur aap jaise logon ki problem ko compatiblity check kar ke door kiya jaa sakta hai... jaisa aapne mahsush kiya ki ab aap ye bate manti hai ki competibility q jaruri hai.. Manprit, mai aapko kuchh remedies dunga and you will feel more better and some meditation techniue,Manprit u have to do sound meditatio...
Manprit: thanks devesh ...thanks a lot aapne mujhe yeh samkhane me help ki, ki q hamari life me problem hai..

Friday, May 14, 2010

Love Marriage Line in Palm !!

"Happy marriages begin when we marry the ones we love, and they blossom when we love the ones we marry." Tom Mullen.

Have you ever tried defining the relationship between love and marriage? If yes, then you would have realized that both are synonymous to each other. Love is a dream and marriage is just an extension of this dream to reality. When both dream and reality comes together, it is the best thing that can happen to a person. Love is the subtle emotional wave within us, which is perennial in this world of death and passing away. The feeling of love is inexplicable - we start feeling good about things, which we earlier overlooked. The company of the person we love can make the most mundane chores seem like an exciting job. So, love can be best defined, as a feeling of bliss and ecstasy.

There are some Point which we can observe that there is possibility of love marriage or not.There is lots of dependencies by which we can give the prediction about love marriage.

1. Mount of Venus should be fine, it should be very fine.

2. There should be squre on the mount of Venus.

3. Marriage line should end at the sun mount.

4. If influence line come from moon mount.

5. There should be space at the begining point of life line and head line.

6. There should be cross on the mount of Jupiter.

Some time there is not a love line on the hand of person, and their mount of Venus is much developed, by which , by the influence of this much developed mount of Venus, person in the state of excited state of mind get married the girl to whom he have been in relationship but there have been no love line and they got married and after that a problem come in their conjugal life because there was not a love line but in the state of excitement they got married, so this love marriage does not become success full.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Marraige Line !!

It is said that marriages are made in heaven and celebrated on earth. The popular belief is true to many extent, because it is a special bond shared between two souls, who tie the wedding knot after promising to be companions for a lifetime. It is the physical, mental and spiritual unison of two souls. It brings significant stability and substance to human relationships, which is otherwise incomplete. It plays a crucial role in transferring the culture and civilization from one generation to the other, so that the human race is prospered. The institution of marriage is beneficial to the society as a whole, because it is the foundation of the family, which in turn is the fundamental building block of the society.When two people become one flesh by way of marriage, it is not only their hearts that are united, but their minds and souls as well."Love is often the fruit of marriage."Marriage, ultimately, is the practice of becoming passionate friends.Two souls with but a single thought,Two hearts that beat as one."

प्रीति नही है कुछ पल की ये
प्यास नही पलभर की
तेरे नाम की डोर बंधी है
प्राणों से जीवन भर की । From DevPoetry

# Marriage lines in palmistry are actually known as the lines of union. They indicate the potential for an important relationship in a persons life, and the age at which it will occur. It is not necessary that the line may lead to marriage, but it can be said that a relationship will make a profound impression on the person at that time.

# The lines of union are located on the side of the palm and are always above the beginning of the heart line, moving on to the mount of mercury.

# In marriage lines, palmistry, the length of the line, determines the length of the relationship. Also these union lines mainly point to a relationship which may or may not be physical.

# Any forks, splits or markings on the marriage lines should also be considered. The ideal marriage lines in palmistry are long, straight and free of breaks. The deeper the line, the stronger the union.

# Marriage is indicated by the little line that are located just below the base of the little finger. Several light lines in this area will indicate romances. The lines that are strong and clear in this area will indicate marriage. The closer the lines are to the base of the little finger, the later in life these marriages will be.

# Marriage line is balanced by marks on the other portion of the palm. A wealthy union is shown by a strong, well marked line from the side of the line of fate next Moon, running up and joining the line of fate.

# When line of marriage sends an offshoot on to the mount of Sun & into the line of Sun it indicates the person will marry someone of distinction, & famous.

# A straight marriage line is a good indicator of an enduring romance or solid marriage relationship.

# While a light, long marriage line indicates romance, a deep line points towards marriage. If the marriage line lies quite near the heart line, it suggests an early marriage between the ages of 14 to 20. If the marriage line runs close to the mount, it indicates marriage between the ages of 21 to 28. If the marriage line runs close to the ring finger, it indicates a late marriage between the ages of 28 to 35.

# A line with a fork at the start, toward the back of the hand, indicates a long engagement.

# The overlapping of lines in this manner indicates an affair, or affairs, while one is married.

# Other small marks on the marriage line represent illicit affairs.

# The type of marriage lines will reveal the types of marriages. If there is only one line, long, and unbroken this marriage line that reveals that the individual will have one marriage, monogamous, no children.

# The light lines in this area mean romances. The strong lines in this area mean marriage. The lower the marriage lines are, the later these marriages will be.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

To know about who is made for you, read this book!!

A person came to me, he was discussing about his conjugal life, he was so worried about it. I saw his had and told him that there is no compatibility, thats why u r suffering, it does not means that ur wife is a wrong women, she is just wrong for u, because her moon is so fine and ur mars is so fine, she is poetics and ur like soldier nature there is no compatibility, there is some more difference. When he come to know all the things he was surprised and said today i know how much compatibility is impartial.U can read this book to know about ur love life, conjugal like - Lover's Guide to Palmistry: Finding Love in the Palm of Your Hand written by Jon Saint-Germain. By analyzing all elements of a potential lover's hand, you can see if his or her personality, goals, and life outlook are compatible with your own. Publisher Llewellyn Worldwide, 2008. Jon Saint-Germain takes hand analysis to sexy new heights in this one-of-a-kind palmistry guide to finding true love. Discover how to spot a mate who's romantic, good in bed, sensitive, adventurous, kinky, philosophical, or down-to-earth. Simply by studying their hand shape, fingers, palm, and lines, you'll be able identify the passionate lover, the faithful partner, the good provider, and the nurturing parent. This book also outlines the six elemental hand shapes-fire, water, earth, air, metal, and wood-and reveals the distinct personality traits of each. it's easy to figure out who is right for you. Jon Saint-Germain is a professional palm reader.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Palmistry Book : Sexual Palmistry

This book has been written by Nathaniel Altman in December 2002.This book explain What Your Hand Reveals about Love, Sex, and Relationships.

Our hands reveal much about our sexual habits, preferences and proclivities. Our fingers, hand shape, nails and lines have a lot to tell us about what we are like in a relationship, especially when it comes to romance, attentiveness to a lover, how we communicate, and our sexual prowess.

In this book by reading your hand such think can be explain :

* How to recognize the five types of lover
* How to understand your sexual personality through the palm
* Learn how to gauge sexual energy by reading the hand
* Find out your secret turn ons and turn offs
* See how homosexuality, s/m, voyeurism and other aspects can be revealed in the hand
* Discover your sexual and emotional compatability with your partner

Nathanile was born on January 25, 1948 in New York City, and was raised in the small town of Putnam Valley, New York. He studied at the Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia and at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, from which I graduated in 1971. he love to travel and have traveled extensively throughout Latin America, as well as Europe, India, Nepal, Australia, New Zealand and North America.
He first became interested in hand analysis (palmistry) in 1969, after having his hands read by Teresa Gómez de Barberi, a famous Colombian palmist and psychic. He appeared on television in the United States, England, Australia.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Astrology Elements !!

Palmistry Elements

In Palmistry there are four elements: Fire, Earth, Air and Water.

The Fire Signs are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.
Because of this these people tend to be self motivated, inspirational and always mindful of the future.

The Earth Signs are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.
The earth element's influence makes these folks materialistic (in a good way mostly) practical and conservative.

The Air Signs are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.
These people are very "people" oriented and get along well with others. They also tend to be highly intelligent and communicative.

The Water Signs are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.
The water element makes people under this sign intuitive, emotional and sensitive to the world around them.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Is future past and present is reflecting on our hands !!

Conversation With Palmistry Lover : Sathish (Amsterdam,Germany )

Sathish: In Numerology, does the palm reflects our future present and past
or Does the

Devesh: yes

Sathish: future past and present is reflecting on our hands which comes first
watevr is shown on the hand will happen? or is it pre determined, i m sorry if my question is stupid, i m asking just out of curiosity

Devesh: yes it is, and it is more than that.it is a big conceptand u have to understand

Sathish: hmmmm

Devesh: palmistry , aostrology is developed for providing the helf for human beings

Sathish: hmmm

Devesh: coz human have the probility to bocome happy and become sad more than all creatureswhich r seen in the world

Sathish: yeah, exactly

Devesh: u have to understand, there is there part of this

Sathish: ok .I got the point

Devesh: first part is fixed , it is fixed

Sathish: oh

Devesh: if any body know about palmistry or astrology , he knows that this event would happen in the particular man's life

Sathish: oh wow

Devesh: and he knows it and at that moment the aim of the palmist or astrologr to let him know about the real fact taht death is certain, so if u know that death is certain u can only support and nothing can be done

Sathish: oh

Devesh: there is only one thing u just support it

Sathish: like?

Devesh: so the first aim of palmistry is to make aware for acceptance

Sathish: so if an individual wants to change his life by raising his hopes and working hard, is that possible to change the fate which was designed already on him?
oh ok

Devesh: like suppose in any person's family a deat happens , at that moment there is only remedoes that he accept it and there is no remedies

Sathish: oh, ok

Devesh: if he does not accept he may be become mad, a tears is needed there
a sadness is needed there

Sathish: hmmm

Devesh: a acceptance is needed there otherewise there would be problem

Sathish: alright

Devesh: coz u can not cahnge the destiny, if u know u can suppot it so when u see a spritual person , they also have some problem but they accept coz they know it is destiny and they accept it

Sathish: hmmm

Devesh: like u r going along with river, ur not fighting with it

Sathish: hmmmmm

Devesh: this is the basic differnece b/t simple man and spritual man, theysuppor,they help,they not fight,so a deep satisfaction comes in this life,they knows it is not my against, r u getting me ?

Sathish: I abdolutey got wat u said

Devesh: ram krishn parmhansh was suffering with cancer

Sathish: yeah

Devesh: but he suppoet it, he knows it its destiny

Sathish: hmmm

Devesh: he knows thats why he was being able to suppoet it
and a comman man never understand this things

Sathish: :) yeah

Devesh: this is the first concept of palmistry or astrologyand second is that :
there is option

Sathish: hmm . like ?

Devesh: there is option means u can change the events,u have the option if u know

Sathish: yeah, dats y i asked u dat question

Devesh: suppose there is some problem in ur life and u could know that this problem is due to some disturbance of palates at that moment u can use the remedies

Sathish: hmmm

Devesh: and by remedies u can change the event

Sathish: dats good, dats really great

Devesh: there is option u would be able to chose, u would be able to select in second pahase option is there, a selection is there and in first phase there is no option

Sathish: oh alright

Devesh: there remedies works, in first phase only acceptance works
r u gettings ?

Sathish: im getting it, im deeply thinking abt wat u said

Devesh: this the benifit of this science

Sathish: i m eager to know abt the remedies

Devesh: remedies work in second phase where option is avaliable

Sathish: hmmm

Devesh: u can cahange the events through the remesies

Sathish: hmmmm

Devesh: suppose u r suffer with heath problem and option is there then by remedies u would be able to bacome a healthy man , u can get health through remediwws

Sathish: yeah, dats the point

Devesh: and u know there is ketu line in ur hand and it give u the spritual mind
u r searching a sadguru

Sathish: yah

Devesh: who can guide u

Sathish: absolutely

Devesh: who can help u, who can make u able u find yourself

Sathish: exactly, so i m trying to redefine thru books by reading

Devesh: i know it , u r in search, a deep thrust in ur heart,u r restless , u r searching

Sathish: yes

Devesh: we will talk about third phase in next