Thursday, June 4, 2009

Will You Earn Money? What Your Hand Says ?

This is the Hand of Mr.Taran Jeet Singh. He is a Manager in Software company. Right Now he is living in New Delhi.He want to go America and want to earn money and he also wanted to stay there. Does this happen in his life? And the answer is Yes.and all thes happen in hiding lines in his hands.What are the lines by which he went to America and earn money? His hans revels all the things about it.

When he come to me, i first analysed his hand an find that there is an oppertunity to go aborad and he can earn money.In his hand there are some singnificance that indicate 90% posibilities so i suggested him to do some work which would help him to happen thing 100% and he did accordingly.

I would like to explane some points about taran hand :

# In his right hand's there is 'Mean Yoga' on mount of Moon and i firmaly belived that if there is 'Mean yoga' in your hand it means definitely you will earn money.If in your hand there is 'Mean Yoga', it means that in your life, you will not be affected by lack of money.

# He has a whorl fingerprint show up on their Jupiter finger.

# Look his hand his luck line stop at his heart line and heart lines goes to the mount of jupiter that make him successful and give him money.


‘नज़र’ said...

Happy Father's Day!

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