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Phalanges of the hand !

Phalanges of the hand :

The phalanges (singular phalanx) of the digits of the hand (fingers and thumb)
consist of fourteen bones, three for each finger and two for the thumb. They have
many similarities between fingers, the main differences being their size rather
than shape. The three types of phalanx are:

* The proximal phalanx
* The middle phalanx (not present in the thumb)
* The distal phalanx.

Scienctic had identified that phalanges become large or small due to chemical and harmonical effect.
If any bodies phalanges become large and small it makes that person nature how he reactes and behave.

First Phalange :

# A long first phalange indicates a capicity of infulence, again, similer to the thumb, but to a
lesser deree.When the first phanange is long, it indicate a sensitivity to the environt and
humankind (as well as, theoretically, other species on this planet Earth). the longer the first
phalange, the more likely someone is to have an impact on the surrounding environment.A long first
phalange os also a sign of a higher than sensititivity to other peoples' fellings.

A shorter first phalange of Jupiter indicates an individual who doesn't appreciate her ability to i
infuence others and who may lack self-confidance.Someone with a short first phalange of jupiter won't
see herself as a person of uniquness or impact at all, and willrarely overestimate her impartance in given
situatuion. In fact, she may not incllude herself in the equation at all.

I have seen some people with short first phalanges of Jupier who had big and complex egos, that ego was
found on some some spicfic and generally techniclly expertise and gift, such as someone who knows a computer
based knowledge, and consider himself an expert on computer.At the same time, because they had short first phalanges
, thsy weren't even awere that they had a strongly developed ego.

A long first-phalanged individual is usually quite realistic about himself and his world. If that realism fails,
its because he assume a force greater taht himself, such as divine intervention, or, at least, an act of congress,
will come to bear on the goal or indeal that he's working toward!

Those with a moderates first phalanges of Jupiter are sensitive souls who accept the status quo as a gift.Thesse
realistic people generally have healthy self-images and are consciences about finding positive things about themselves
and their world and she'll acknoladge and praise them as well.

While negative viewpoings aren't ignored by a person with a moderate first phalanges of Jupoiter, they are not dwelled on much.
Even if the person's got a job ohters might view as difficult, such as being a prison guard, he will still, look for the good
in everything . He My say , take an exp, "sure he is a bank robber, but he never hurt anyone-and he is expanding his literary tastes, too"

The person with a will-balanced first phalange, in other words, is both aware of his own sensitivity and willing to express it positively.

Of course, emotions and sensitivity can sonetimes overwhelm him just like anyone else, but he wil bounce back quickly once he sees the reality of a

The person with a well -balanced first phalgane of Jupiter will both fell and express her grieff- but he will also pull himself together and make the
necessary adjustments in her material world to compensate for her loss.

The second Phalanges:

Second phalanges describes the human consciousness, the mind , and intelligence. This is treated as head line.

If the second Phalange of your Jupiter is long, whether it's full or waited, you are probably someone who has an unusual capacity for thought, observation , and evaluation.

When the second phalange of Jupiter os is very long, self-consciousness, self-obsession, and with other deteriorating aspects, self-doubt become potentially dangerous personal

A short second phalange of Jupiter can indicate someone who has a hard time looking before he leaps and so many repeat the same lessons in life many times.

We hasten to add that a short second phalange of Jupiter doesn't indicate an inferior mind, but one that's ont necessarily inclined to reach beyind ifself or expands its horizons or interests. This person is happy
to go with the flow of hte status qup.

The short second phalange person may be accused of having a somewhat superficial appreciation of a given book, film, or a complex real-life situation. But itls not that a person with a short second phalange can't see
and appreciate great complexity, its just that this person generally needs to be presented with a key that will unlock understanding. Great leaps of perception and insight are just not her forte.

On the other hand, a long second phalange of Jupiter may be found on someone who has more hobbies, passions, knowledge of musical instruments, or e-mail addresses than any one person can possibly use.

People with long second phalanges of Jupiter are seldom bored. Not only do thay have al sorts of ways to entertain themselves they have the resources to find new to do so as the need arise.

The well- designed second phalange of Jupiter isn't overly fleshy and is seldom wasted.Overfleshiness diminishes the sense of balance, while waisted-ness creates a stifled, and perhaps even selfish, attitude.
Overall, someone with a well-balanced second phalanges of Jupiter functions well in without getting too exhausted, too lazy, or tpp lackadaisical.

Third Phalange:

# The third phalange of jupiter express not noly your personal style and aprreance, but how well you use both the tools avaliable in society, and how well you use what others can provide.The third phalgane of Jupiter
, in other words, describes our willingness to both use and be used in interaction with others.

Full third phalange Jupiter woman won't miss the oppertunity to wear a neckless or a silk scarf.

Sometimes, you will find a clearly visible rising line on the third phalange of Jupiter on someone who wears his religion on his shirt sleeve. He may well be spiritual and sencere, but he may also be using his religion
to furthur himself socially in some way.

If the third phalange of Jupiter is short and fairly shinny, the opposite will be true.
these people aren't looking for material luxury or comfort. Such a person might drive a car without air cinditiong- even though he lived in Phoenix.

Show me a physically beautiful person, one of symmetry and decided attractiveness, and we'll define two things from her third phalanges of Jupiter. First, how willing she is to devote time and effort to enhance and maintain her
beauty(this will be found with the long and full third phalange); and second, if her personal taste is good or ecedllent. Ig is's not particularly good, there will be a short full phalange.

In this picture you can see that the third phalange of Jupiter is Longer than all , this person expends mony and efforts for his apperence and looking smart and handsome.

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