Friday, September 3, 2010

Cheiro did the Panchanguli Devi Sadhana !

Panchanguli Devi is Devi for Palmist and Astrologer."PANCHANGUI DEVI" is a sawroop of Ma Durga it litterly meaning means Panch Anguli (Five Fingers). She is the deity of Palmistry and Astrology.Panch-anguli is the deity of Kaal Gyaan i.e. who can help one know about Time. Through her Sadhana a person could easily foresee future mishaps and avoid the same in time. Also it is through Her Sadhana that a person could become expert in Palmistry and a reliable soothsayer.
Palmist pray and do Sadhana to her to help them to predict future by reading hand.Panchanguli Devi is Devi of Jyotish Sastra(Palmistry).

The Famous Palmist Cheiro has done Sadhana of "PANCHANGULI DEVI" by the blessing and virtue of which he could make the absolute and accurate prediction.
For learling and doing "PANCHANGUI DEVI" sadhana he come to India and did that sadhana with the gurus in India and become the master in Palmistry.

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R.K.Mallik said...

Yes boss you r right.......please post the Sadhna method also