Thursday, January 20, 2011

Know your Career through Palmistry

1. F UR FATE LINE or destiny line end at the first finger or on Jupiter mount u can have internet in politics, philosophy and law, So u should choose ur career in that field and u will be successful in ur career and in ur life.

2. IF UR FATE LINE end on the mount of Saturn(second finger) u can be in banking, teaching, trade , a business. If there is such type of ur fate life so u can choose ur career in that field.

3.IF UR FATE LINE end at the mount of sun(third finger) such type of person involve in the creativity, u can become an artist, musician,poet, singer. Most famous Actor Amitabh Bachchan has same type of fate line also Shah Rakh Khan has the same.

4.IF UR FATE LINE end at the mercury mount(fourth finger) that person have good communication power, so if u want to make ur career in the field of marketing or sales or in media. I met a person who was in marketing and sales field i saw his hand and told to him that u r not feeling good in ur job and u will not be successful in this field, he first oppose me that his job is going good but after one month come to me and told me that he could not do better in his field what he should he do..i suggest him that ur communication power is not good so u can not survive in that field u can open ur own business and he resign his job and now he is doing his business and he is doing very well.

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Shweeta said...

I like this website. Thnxxx it really helped me.

Anonymous said...

I have two fate lines. One goes to the mount of Saturn and the other through the life line to mount of Jupiter. The same line that goes to the mount of Jupiter from the life line has a big cross and a small star is present besides the mount of Jupiter.

lalit said...

awesome sir ,u r really great