Monday, August 29, 2011

Narad Was the First Palmist

Palmistry is originited in India and the ancinet script in Purans state that the first Palmist was the sage Narad.After Narad Hindu sages like Gautam, Kashyap, Agastya and Maharishi Valmiki had been the Palmist.In Shiv Puran there is an story that Narada read the palm of Goddess Pravati...

Narada went to Himavan, Himavan and his wife Meena fell at his feet and sought his blessings. Narada was a great palmist and could accurately predict a person's
future by looking into the palm. Himavan and Meena requested him to look at Parvathi's palm and tell about her future.

The parents listened with a sinking heart while Narada continued, "It is her future that is worrisome. The more I study about her prospective husband, the more worried do I become. It is written in the lines of her palm that her husband would be an orphan of unknown parentage. He would be ill kept, dirty and careless. He would not wear any dress and would be half naked all the time. He would regularly
partake alcohol and soma rasa. He would be addicted to intoxicating herbs like opium and cannabis. He would regularly visit burial grounds, crematoriums and other dirty places. He would keep company of low caste scavengers and Chandalas. Oh! The more I read about Parvathi's husband, the more worried I get!" Himavan and Meena were aghast because Narada's predictive abilities were renowned in the three worlds and they did not want their flower like daughter to fall in the hands of the person of the type Narada had described. Young Parvathi however understood the prediction fully
and was inwardly bursting with happiness. She said, "Oh Narada! May your reputation of the world's best palmist be always maintained and may your prophesies always come true"


Gagan said...

Can you specify some good books on palm reading which was written by ancient sages

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