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Lungs and Throat Problem !

Lungs and Throat Problem... if there is island in the head line and and there is break in the life line it means there would be problem in your lungs or throat..
Ed Campbell : Interesting idea. But I do not see any correspondences on the percussion and this photo is not clear enough to show closure of the island. Also the time references do not seem to be related.

Saswata Debray : @Pic, Not necessarily. it could be ear (hearing) problems too...I think the head line ending almost in an island near outer mars is a surer indication of lung problem..

Dev Palmistry : @ Sawata..Dear whenever i post anything on my wall..i have lots of research and data base regarding this and then i post anything on the approach for Palmistry is scientific not only read book and say anything...i give my inner energy and my dedication in that field..for me palmistry is not just to see the palm for me..palmistry is the Gate of Spirituality..when people come to me...i just don't give them palm reading and remedies..i love to give them the teaching of life...i just don't catch fish for them i just try to teach them to catch fish...its very deep and i don't know what is ur knowledge about palmistry but when ever i post anything on my wall i have lots of proof and not only one data...its more then at least approach is like first hypothesis and after that it do experiment and when the result comes again and again then it becomes formula..similarly if result comes again and again then i make it final decision and then i post anything on the if u don't have any data regarding this so u should not say like this....if u have data then say otherwise learn and then write any comment....

Saswata Debray : I also have data dear. I also dont say anything without multiple case studies. I discuss the case studies in the secret palmistry group. I think you are also a member of the group and you can easily see by the discussions we have there. Hope to see your involvement there and hope we all will learn a lot from you. But that should not stop me from saying my views regarding a particular sign combination to which you might differ...

Saswata Debray : I will post the very interesting case studies of lung and throat problems in the secret palmistry group soon

Saswata Debray @Dev, Also I would like to see the ".its more then at least 10" case studies which you mentioned. I would surely want to extend my knowledge.. February 28, 2011 at 3:11am · Like Ed Campbell I find a line on the percussion a little below the level of the head line (if it were drawn straight across the hand) can be a sign of possible lung problems, but they must be differentiated from heart problems, especially on the left hand. Other signs at that level may also be taken into consideration. Observe the color, if possible. Red will indicate acute problems, dark blue or black will indicate chronic problems. Easier to see on fair skinned persons.

Saswata Debray : "I find a line on the percussion a little below the level of the head line (if it were drawn straight across the hand) can be a sign of possible lung problems" Exactly Ditto. Couldn't agree with you more, Ed. That is the SEAT for lung related problems in the hand...If we start tossing around with very basic palmistry rules, we will soon mess up with the subject and each hand will be like a new revelation lol. No offence meant to anyone, though

Saswata Debray : Just to repeat which I said before "I think the head line ending almost in an island near outer mars is a surer indication of lung problem.." - that is near-around the same area what you (Ed) mentioned February 28, 2011 at 8:46am · Like · 1 Ed Campbell If it dips I could agree. If it is straight, I would tend to look at the problem more in the throat. A line is a little above this on the percussion it often indicates one who grinds (bruxes) their teeth. Check for jaw and teeth problems. Above that look for sinus problems and possible headaches, but also check the eyes and ears. I find the top of the head at abut the level of the heart line (if there are both heart and head lines). Most of the time I don't worry about such signs unless I see color in the area, and then I check even if I do not see a sign.

Saswata Debray : "A line is a little above this on the percussion it often indicates one who grinds (bruxes) their teeth. Check for jaw and teeth problems" - Teeth and jaw, I guess, again falls in bone category. Should Saturn also not be involved in that case?

Ed Campbell : Well, teeth grinding is more of a muscular problem. Bone problems in the jaw might be reflected in the lower part of the Mount of Saturn. I find the fate (Saturn) lines reflective of the central axis of the body, bones, muscles and joints: The legs through the sacrum below the head line, the back between the head line and the heart line and the neck and head beginning at the heart line and moving towards the fingers. Neck problems frequently reflect at the heart line, lower back problems at the head line, muscle spasms and cramps in areas of multiple fate lines, knees about midway to the wrist and the feet and ankles below that. Also, Sydney lines and similar heart lines can indicate a blockage of the Qui that backs up and causes shoulder discomfort that can be cured by learning to move the Qui in and out of the hand and releasing the back pressure of the blocked Qui into the shoulder. I have a special visual meditation I teach for this. Unusual shapes and line locations will obviously require diagnostic adjustments. Very helpful in predicting future sports injuries, etc, so it is good in designing training programs.

Dev Palmistry : @ Saswata..Dear Saswata...ur aspect of palmistry is not scientific as well as not spiritual....I appreciate ur work..ur doing a great job..but ur aspect of palmistry is not scientific , not spiritual...See the Comment of Mr. Ed Campbell- "Interesting idea." Ed's aspect of Palmistry is scientific as well as spiritual...He is not saying "Not" his mind is like Buddha, like Mahavira...accepting mind...he is saying yes it may be possible..only Einstein can say Interesting idea..only Buddha can say Interesting idea...Only Einstein only Buddha can say this...Einstein will say Oh let me think this way..i have never though regarding this..really its interesting idea..Only Spiritual mind , only scientific mind can say this...coz its state of mind....When Einstein says palmistry may be one of the vital science of the future..he has open his mind for all the possibilities...not his mind was closed..he had not said ...."Not Necessarily"...coz he knows life is is not only physics is not only mathematics...coz he knows life is deep and mathematics 2+2 will be 4 but in the life's mathematics 2+2 cab be 100 and some time it can be 0...that's why life is mystery...even u can not predict the nature of electron some time its behave like matter and some time like wave..and first time scientist become confused but they realized when u go to more nearer to life u can not predict it ...then there is needed deep eyes..deep trust to understand...When Einstein say this, he is accepting all the possibilities...and he knows there r lots of reason for one event...there r lots of dependencies..and palmistry is related to u can't predict it like mathematics, palmistry is not like mathematics and when palmistry become mathematics it will become dead..its beauty that is its not like mathematics...yes one branch of Mathematics is going deep and it is close to palmistry..close to life..and it is Probability..there is probability and its dependencies...coz there is dependencies...

Saswata Debray : Then, kindly prove that your method is scientific. Also please exhibit the "at least 10" case studies where you had said island in head line and life break is there and all of them have lung and throat problem.. I had already said " I would surely want to extend my knowledge.." That clearly proves my mind is more open than anyone here. Ed had used his preferable language to indicate his mind is open and I have used my language. I might not borrow any one else's language to show my mind is open. Hope that answers your confusion, dear friend. Also, the point here is not whether my mind is more open or your's or Ed's or Einstein's. The discussion was going on in impersonal lines not personal. I was just saying not always ('not necessarily') such a combination in the hand might show lung and throat problem. March 4, 2011 at 9:32am · Like · 1 John Lord Bonnet The island sign can be called a sign of misfortune. Island can be found anywhere on the palm, but not found on figures or thumb. Islands if found in the vertical position on the palm are very much inauspicious.

Saswata Debray : I completely agree with you. Practically those points are very true. Wonderful to know from you

Dev Palmistry : @Chastityrose...Dear Chastityrose...Thanks for ur appreciation...i can see how deep eyes u have regarding to life...definitely ur aspect of life is not only see the fruit and flower of tree but also see the root of tree..and root is always in the dark..and u have to see the root only through ur deep eyes...u have to believe...a deep trust is needed...i can see ur unconscious mind...i can see the beauty of ur unconscious mind....really i respect the way u think, the way u r searching the root of life....

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