Monday, August 31, 2009

Please tell me about my studies,career and marriage !!

Please tell me about my studies,career and marriage
doing BCA final year from IP university
age-21yrs, Location: ghaziabad

Alka Kapoor on Wed Aug 19, 2009 2:49 pm

I have seen Alka's palm and i have analyzed something which r like as :

1.U r family person u cant take any decision urself, u take ur decision according to ur family.
2.As i have analyzed ur sun line is not strong it means there would be problem in ur studies and u r not
taking interest in ur studies.
3.U should take care of ur health.
4.U r the person which r not motivated by urself, u always need a person who motivate u and guide u.
5.There is Rahu's Problem in ur hand by this problem u r not being able to archive ur desire goal.
6.There is less probability of love marriage.
7.If u do a Management course then it would be more beneficial 4 u .
8. U r also suffering from Saturn(Shani) dosha.
9.U r very creative and artistic person.U can write poems.
10.Ur marriage would be around 28 years.
11.U have a great thinking power.

Note: Plz can u give me detail about which Gem u have wear. If u have any question u can ask me any time.

Alka Kapoor Replies after Reading Her Prediction Yesterday at 12:39 am

yes..I dont take decisions on my own..depend on others for motivation...I had faced problems in studies but now situation is health is also weak...I am wearing moonga stone....also I am a good thinker..

Thank you very much sir

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Alan said...

please tell if i want know career path which line i need to find & on which hand.left or right?