Thursday, September 3, 2009

Star and crosses on mount of jupiter !!

hiya .. i hav a star on the extreme left of my jupiter mount [ on my left hand ] and crosses all over the mount .. wat does it suggest ??
Location: yorkshire, england

Hi Dear,

Cross over jupiter mount is very good indicator.
It represent a good comunicsation power and as well speaking power.
It represent a trustful marriage life and happy marriage life.
Ur career would be more sutable in teaching field and u would get more name and fame as well as
more satisfaction in taht field.
It indicate that ur life parter would be more understandable and genuine person and he would be so caring of u.

If u have any question in ur mind , u can ask me any time....

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Crystalcindy Reply :

so much for your kindness and its lovely that you can help me this way. I have done psychic development circles which is wonderful and I have helped a lot of people. I do have a good husband and he is great to be with. I am lucky that way. He is loyal to me and I am to him. I an island on my writers fork and always wondered if it was a blockage or something.I have three branches on it too. Just wondered if you could enlightened me about that. Thank you so so much indeed dear.

love Crystalcindy xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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