Thursday, April 23, 2009

Arvind's Hand Analysis !


Arvind’s marriage will be Arrange.
There is opportunity to go abroad for Arvind.
In future he will be more famous and more powerful.
His Venus is week; he should care of his health.
He will have sufficient money in his pocket after 50 Years of his age
He will be suffered from stomach and hair problem.
He is the person of will power.
Due to sun problem he is not able to achieve his goal.
After marriage his fortune will bright, his wife would be lucky for him.
If any accident will take place in his life, he will always remain safe.

(He narrated his story: It was a afternoon of 2001 summers in Delhi I was going to meet my friend in auto, a truck was coming in opposite lane of the road, when truck came near the auto suddenly auto driver turned the auto and auto rolled in between of the road, the driver was injured badly but I was safe. Thank God I was safe )

There is also possibility in future that he might suffer with heart problem. If he care from now it be avoided.
He is down to earth
His Saturn mount is week
After 30 years of his age his luck will favor him.


Every morning he should pour water to sun.
He should use a crow poster.
He should not wear green clothes white cloths are suitable for him.
He should worship with white flower.
If possible he should wear a silver bracelet.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Irshad's Hand Analysis !

* He should avoid Water
* He is a lucky person
* Sun is in his favour and helping
* He will have bank balance.
* He is a family person and he will help and respect his parents.
* His married would arrange.
* He will get land and mony from his father-inlaws.
* His negaitive point is that he is often thinking all the things which are not necessry 4 him.
* He would be atffected by stomach and heart problems.
* His mercury is not working well.
* his jupitar is good.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


The fire hand has a long palm and short fingers. People with this shaped hand tend to be active, outgoing and often extroverts.

They are excitable and emotional. They like to be in charge and control other people. There is always a large number of strong lines on the hands and usually whorl fingerprints. Fire handed people tend to have a lot of injuries and accidents.


Water hand people have a palm that is rectangular with long fingers. The hand tends to have a large amount of fine lines.

The prints are also usually loops. Many people with this hand make good poets and musicians. They also go well in the fashion and beauty industry.

They love to go sailing or boating. For people with this hand emotions are more important than reason.


People with an earth hand have square palms with short fingers. There are usually few lines and often arches on the fingertips.

People with this hand dont like change. They tend to be slow in nature and have a strong affinity to nature and the bush.

They are emotionally stable and make the best workers. Interesting is the fact that you often find successful artists and photographers with earth hands.

Most people with trade jobs such as a carpenter have earth hands. People with an Earth hand usually like outdoor jobs, and prefer job security.

Mulayam Singh Yaday !

Both Jupiter Mount and Sun Mount are well-developed bestowing power and finance. The large palm is indicative of good administrative power.

Personally I do not meet astrologers. Some astrologers do come and meet me, through my friends. In some cases, the predictions have come true.


Life Line : The well-started Life line goes down upto the age of 60 and then stops. Another line continues by the side of it and goes upto the age of 75. The break in the Life line (found in both the palms) indicates sickness around the age of 60 but the native will recover definitely and live upto age 75.

Head Line : Well-formed Head Line goes up to the mount of Moon. The native will never remain idle. It also indicates strong will-power, knowledge and hard, unyielding nature. There runs a cross-line from Head line to Heart line at the beginning of Life line indicating problems in life.

Heart Line : Well-formed Heart line starting from the mount of Jupiter and well-formed mount of Venus ensure happy family life.

Fate Line : It starts on the Life line. The native is evidently a self-made man. Fate line forks into 2 lines one going to the mount of Jupiter and the other to the mount of Saturn. The native may pursue more than one career at a time.

Mars Line : It is seen in both the palms running parallel to Life line till the age of 55. The native must have been very energetic till that age.

Sun Line : The presence of 3 Sun lines denote three sources of income at different ages. 2 lines have started on the Heart line at the age of 35 and the other at the age of 40. There runs another line under Appollo finger upto the edge of Sun mount assisting the native financially till the old age when the other Sun lines get stopped.

Mount of Mercury : There are many vertical lines on this Mount which check his progress and limit the chances of success.

Mount of Venus : There is a black dot on this mount indicating serious sickness to one of the family members.

Both Jupiter Mount and Sun Mount are well-developed bestowing power and finance. The large palm is indicative of good administrative power. A curved line in the shape of a semi-circle at the base of the Jupiter finger confers occult powers. Isolated Mercury finger indicates partnership difficulties.

Thumb : Long, large thumb indicates that the native is governed by the head and not the heart. The length of the thumb speaks of his steadfastness and consistency. Both the first and the second phalanx are quite large indicating self-reliance and good decisive power.

Shri Laloo Prasad Yaday Hand !

Laloo Prasad Yadav, former Chief Minister of Bihar and President of Rashtriya Janata Dal, believes in astrology. According to him, astrology is an ancient science practised in India. He claims that the changes in nature has a direct influence on human beings. He also says that astrology cannot be accepted as a science unless and until the movements of the Sun and the Moon are precisely calculated. Our forefathers were true worshippers of the Sun God. My wife Rabri Devi performs the Chat (Surya Vrath) Vrath to ward off evils and that is why I have come unscathed from jail he says. The former Chief Minister who often meets astrologers claims that certain predictions have come true in his case. Recalling such a case, he says One Mr. Sinha working in a bank wrote to me stating that I would not be released from jail before December 11th. I did not believe it, but it happened the same way and his prediction came true. Another boy from Calcutta sent me a letter with a picture of Goddess Kali Matha on which he wrote that my wife Rabri Devi would become the Chief Minister of Bihar. I never dreamt that she would become the C.M. This prediction has also come true. The former Chief Minister wants the EST team and other astrologers to predict whether he will be imprisoned again?


There are two squares, one on the Mount of Jupiter and the other on the Mount of Venus, indicating imprisonment.

Life line : It starts from Mount Positive Mars, indicating struggle and hardships involved in the natives life. Even as a child, the native must have felt the pinch of want and worry. He must have born with very limited opportunities for the right kind of education. From the health point of view, he was not immune to the virulent epidemics. Jupiter counter-balances the evil effects. The child must have been helped and looked after by someone outside his family. The longevity of the subject will be above 75 years. ology is considered as wealth (prasad, sampathi) in India.

Head Line : It starts from the Mount of Jupiter. There is a gap in-between lifeline and Head line. The native is a stubborn person who will not heed to the advice of others. On the whole, the native is lucky in life. Financially, he is quite lucky in speculation. Head line ends in a fork under the Mount of Luna. The native is gifted with unusual shrewdness in any vocation and is assured of success.

Heart Line : This line starting from the Mount of Jupiter also turns upwards on the Mount. This indicates the strength and quality of his attachments. The line looking forked on the Mount of Jupiter is a good sign.

Marriage Line : There are two lines, one at the age of 22 and the other at 29. The latter line has a link to the Sun line which indicates a rich spouse. Too many perpendicular (weak) lines are found on the Marriage line indicating health problems to the spouse.

Fate Line : It starts on Life line at an early age indicating that the native might have helped his father in his career. This line joins another Fate line starting from the mid palm, going through the fork of the Heart line to the well-developed Mount of Jupiter. There are two lines on the Mount of Jupiter. All these helped the native to attain the high position in the Government.

Sun Line : It is well-developed from the 35 to the end of his life. There are two squares, one on the Mount of Jupiter and the other on the Mount of Venus, indicating imprisonment. A long thumb shows the strength or force of character, table-mindedness, power of resistence and capacity of thought. The subject cannot be easily influenced by others. The thumb making a right angle indicates the subject’s extravagance. The fingers, closely held together, indicate the native’s strong inhibitions in certain matters.