Saturday, February 6, 2010

Is future past and present is reflecting on our hands !!

Conversation With Palmistry Lover : Sathish (Amsterdam,Germany )

Sathish: In Numerology, does the palm reflects our future present and past
or Does the

Devesh: yes

Sathish: future past and present is reflecting on our hands which comes first
watevr is shown on the hand will happen? or is it pre determined, i m sorry if my question is stupid, i m asking just out of curiosity

Devesh: yes it is, and it is more than is a big conceptand u have to understand

Sathish: hmmmm

Devesh: palmistry , aostrology is developed for providing the helf for human beings

Sathish: hmmm

Devesh: coz human have the probility to bocome happy and become sad more than all creatureswhich r seen in the world

Sathish: yeah, exactly

Devesh: u have to understand, there is there part of this

Sathish: ok .I got the point

Devesh: first part is fixed , it is fixed

Sathish: oh

Devesh: if any body know about palmistry or astrology , he knows that this event would happen in the particular man's life

Sathish: oh wow

Devesh: and he knows it and at that moment the aim of the palmist or astrologr to let him know about the real fact taht death is certain, so if u know that death is certain u can only support and nothing can be done

Sathish: oh

Devesh: there is only one thing u just support it

Sathish: like?

Devesh: so the first aim of palmistry is to make aware for acceptance

Sathish: so if an individual wants to change his life by raising his hopes and working hard, is that possible to change the fate which was designed already on him?
oh ok

Devesh: like suppose in any person's family a deat happens , at that moment there is only remedoes that he accept it and there is no remedies

Sathish: oh, ok

Devesh: if he does not accept he may be become mad, a tears is needed there
a sadness is needed there

Sathish: hmmm

Devesh: a acceptance is needed there otherewise there would be problem

Sathish: alright

Devesh: coz u can not cahnge the destiny, if u know u can suppot it so when u see a spritual person , they also have some problem but they accept coz they know it is destiny and they accept it

Sathish: hmmm

Devesh: like u r going along with river, ur not fighting with it

Sathish: hmmmmm

Devesh: this is the basic differnece b/t simple man and spritual man, theysuppor,they help,they not fight,so a deep satisfaction comes in this life,they knows it is not my against, r u getting me ?

Sathish: I abdolutey got wat u said

Devesh: ram krishn parmhansh was suffering with cancer

Sathish: yeah

Devesh: but he suppoet it, he knows it its destiny

Sathish: hmmm

Devesh: he knows thats why he was being able to suppoet it
and a comman man never understand this things

Sathish: :) yeah

Devesh: this is the first concept of palmistry or astrologyand second is that :
there is option

Sathish: hmm . like ?

Devesh: there is option means u can change the events,u have the option if u know

Sathish: yeah, dats y i asked u dat question

Devesh: suppose there is some problem in ur life and u could know that this problem is due to some disturbance of palates at that moment u can use the remedies

Sathish: hmmm

Devesh: and by remedies u can change the event

Sathish: dats good, dats really great

Devesh: there is option u would be able to chose, u would be able to select in second pahase option is there, a selection is there and in first phase there is no option

Sathish: oh alright

Devesh: there remedies works, in first phase only acceptance works
r u gettings ?

Sathish: im getting it, im deeply thinking abt wat u said

Devesh: this the benifit of this science

Sathish: i m eager to know abt the remedies

Devesh: remedies work in second phase where option is avaliable

Sathish: hmmm

Devesh: u can cahange the events through the remesies

Sathish: hmmmm

Devesh: suppose u r suffer with heath problem and option is there then by remedies u would be able to bacome a healthy man , u can get health through remediwws

Sathish: yeah, dats the point

Devesh: and u know there is ketu line in ur hand and it give u the spritual mind
u r searching a sadguru

Sathish: yah

Devesh: who can guide u

Sathish: absolutely

Devesh: who can help u, who can make u able u find yourself

Sathish: exactly, so i m trying to redefine thru books by reading

Devesh: i know it , u r in search, a deep thrust in ur heart,u r restless , u r searching

Sathish: yes

Devesh: we will talk about third phase in next

What is worry lines ? the lines which are going to lower mars to any other lines.

Conversation With Palmistry Lover :

Deepak's Question :
What is worry lines ? the lines which are going to lower mars to any other lines.

Devesh: Have u read about this any where ?
Deepak's Question : yes i have read in lots of book that such type of lines are worry lines.
Devesh: No these are not worry lines. Actually these are the second luck lines, and u can see in ur palm there different lines which are going to mount of mercury and mount of sun.
Deepak's Question : What is the meaning of this when it goes to mount of mercury ?
Devesh: When it goes to mount of mercury it gives you wealth and prosperity.And actually it gives you land , vehicle and house.
Deepak's Question : And what is the meaning of when it goes to mount of sun ?
Devesh : When it goes to mount of sun it give u fame and make u popular, such type of lines are found in Politician, Stars, IAS, PCS officers or Famous Business man.
Deepak's Question: But some writer says it is worries lines ?
Devesh : No this is not right, but such types of writer have not there won experience , they has just read anywhere.They have read some books and according to that they says. I have also read about that this is worries lines but its my own experience that it is the second luck line. Some writer says this is "Rahu lines" and since they says it is rahu lines so they say it is worries lines. My aspect of palmistry is scientific.I analyze any particular line and if any prediction came again again in lots of people then i make a decision that it is final decision.

What is the meaning of mole on fate line ?

Conversation With Palmistry Lover :
What is the meaning of mole on fate line ?

Que Shilpi: What is the meaning of mole on fate line ? There is mole of my brother's hand.
Ans Devesh: Where it is situated on the fate line, is it in the beginning of fate line or end of fate line ?
Shilpi : It is in the beginning.
Devesh: It indicate that there have been problem of making career in the beginning.
Shilpi: Yes , you are right , He was struggling in the beginning when he was trying to make his career after the college.