Interview with CNN IBN

An Interview of Mr Devesh Kr. Mishra (Software Engineer and Noted Palm Reader) with CNN IBN News Channel over Palmistry and Writing in Hindi blog.Its a passion for me and since my childhood, i am doing research on the Ancient Science "PALMISTRY". Its a science to serve humanity.Its a science to improve future in a better way . The lines of palm tells everything about the personality, the psychology, future and lots of other things about that person. It does not mean that lines of palm never changes, it changes according to positions of various palates and there degree of energy effect on a particular person which triggers the physiology , psychology , other body functions and harmony of the vital force,which are the mother and causative factors of external expression of lines of palm.
Devesh and Pallavi Paul(CNN News Reporter)Showing Palmistry Article to Pallavi
CNN IBN News Channel Team MemberMe and my Friend with CNN IBN Team

1. Apurv Kansal to me
Congrats Devesh. I am very happy to see your achievements.
Director of Arete Pvt.Ltd.

2.Chandra Prakash to me
Congrats Sir..............!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nice JObbbbbbbbbbbbb
Lage raho...Aur chaa jao..........Puri duniya me..........!!!!!!!!!
Kyuki .... Koi Aapko rok nahi sakta..........!!!!!!!!!
All the best for ur bright future.
Chandra Prakash
Senior Test Engineer

3.Rakesh Kumar Tripathi to me
well done beta.
keep it up. update my number and circulate it within our group.
Rakesh Kumar Tripathi
Senior Technical Consultant
Forte Institute of Technology

Good sir . We can call yoy future Poet and Pamist also.

Charted Accountant.

5.Rahul Dev to me
Chaa gaye devesh Sir kya baat hai,
Aapki palmistry me gajab ka dam hai .

Best Regards
Rahul Deo

6.Manish Sharma to me
Congrates devesh.I am glad to know that your blog is that much popular.You should do somthing more in this dimension.Keep it up.

Manish Sharma
Senior Software Engineer

7.Vivake Pathak to me
Congratulations Devesh Sir; best wishes for the future: keep it up.

Vivake Pathak

8.vivek aggarwal to me
congratulations you have done a great job......................

9.Shitesh Kumar Shukla to me
Good Devesh Bhai .........
Mubaraq ho ..............
Database Administrator