Sunday, December 2, 2012

Career In Palm

I am Abhinav, Hope you remember me. I came with Amit, Praveen and Abhey. The one with mysterious eyes :P Thanks for the help and advise. I have got a nice job in Hyderabad and moving tomorrow. Tries to contact and make appointment with you but could not reach you. I am thankful for all the help and guidance you gave me. It would have been a pleasure to meet you again but unfortunately I have to leave. I will send you my hand scans after settling down some time next month. Your sweets are due and I have asked Amit and all to meet and give you on my behalf. My meeting with Dev ji was a spontaneous one. Coming back from UK after 3 years, my life was in a transition phase. I was in Delhi with my childhood friends who follow Dev ji and went to meet him with them. One thing that stand out with Dev ji is that he is not a normal palmist who will give complex advices which are hard to follow. An engineer by profession, his advices come with scientific reasoning which was an important factor in building trust. Myself being a scientist and engineer , it was easy to connect to the level of reasoning and objectives of the advice. Our interaction was more of a discussion rather than just seeking advice. He has high ethical integrity and does not give advice just for sake of it. After reading my palm, he was just happy to say that I don't need to do anything special and don't need much help for anything, just told me to wear some gem. I followed the simple advices given by him and got a good job in Hyderabad and started a new chapter of life in India. I am grateful to the support and advice given by Dev ji and strongly recommend anyone in trouble to seek help not as a palmist but as a friend who is there to help you. Abhinav