Services & Payment

Send a scanned image of both your palm put together on the flat bed scanner. The scanned images are the best kind of images which can be taken for a good reading. Or else take a digital camera image taken with good care. The image should look like something like this as under. Set the scan settings at 250 ppi and size at 100% press the scan button to get a scan. Save the scanned image in jpeg format only.

How to make payment directly to bank account

Geat a palm analysis done through me directly by paying into my bank account.

Get in touch with me on e-mail or call me on my cell , send your scanned palm print/image.
Deposit the money after my confirmation and send a scanned image .
After you have deposited do let me know I will confirm it from my account.
I will e-mail you back with my palm analysis in shortest possible time

Palm Reading/Analysis $10 or Rs 500/-


Any one Question for Hand reading Rs.500/- for Indian Clients
Any one Question for Hand reading $ 10 for International Clients

Full hand Reading

Rs. 2000/- for Indian Clients
$ 40 for International Clients

Hand Combine Full Reading with Free Remedy Consultation.

Rs. 3000/- for Indian Clients
$ 60 for International Clients.

My Bank account details.

Account is in ICICI Bank

Account number is 081501505095