Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Divorce Line !!

Is there Divorce Line In my Hand ? Will we separate with each other ? Why we separated with each other ? Some time there is lots of question in ur mind like this and u dont know why this happend in ur life the answer is in ur palm lines..

If any person has line like it goes from mount of mercury to just below the mount of Jupiter or mount of lower mars, its a very powerful sign of divorce...and also have the black dot in the third phalanx of the thumb then it is confirm.

When he came to me for palm reading i told him that his conjugal life is not going good and it is going to finished... i told him if u want to save marriae life you have no time to save it and there is also some remedies by which u can stop it but you have not time because you came late to me and there is also some problem in ur marriage line...he said yes i got marriage just a one year before and after 4 months we separated and we have case a file 4 divorce and i don't know why she fight with me and i don't feel relaxed with her.. all the time she fight with me...i analyzed his hand and told him you have also a girl friend but she is not going to marry you and your relationship with that girl is also not very fine..he said yes some time she said yes i will marry you but suddenly some time she said i will not marry you..i told him since there is problem in ur marriage line so if u have 50 girl friend u will have the same problem it means there was not problem in that girl, problem is in ur hand so you have to remove this problem otherwise you can not marry any girl. To remove this obstacles u have to use some remedies.

There is also an person came to me he has same line they has got love marriage and she was with him 4 month and after 4 month she went to her home and she did not come to his life and she also file a case for divorce...since he loves her very much and he don't know why she suddenly left him and case a file 4 divorce..he used to cry 4 her but they finally got divorced.

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Know your Career through Palmistry

1. F UR FATE LINE or destiny line end at the first finger or on Jupiter mount u can have internet in politics, philosophy and law, So u should choose ur career in that field and u will be successful in ur career and in ur life.

2. IF UR FATE LINE end on the mount of Saturn(second finger) u can be in banking, teaching, trade , a business. If there is such type of ur fate life so u can choose ur career in that field.

3.IF UR FATE LINE end at the mount of sun(third finger) such type of person involve in the creativity, u can become an artist, musician,poet, singer. Most famous Actor Amitabh Bachchan has same type of fate line also Shah Rakh Khan has the same.

4.IF UR FATE LINE end at the mercury mount(fourth finger) that person have good communication power, so if u want to make ur career in the field of marketing or sales or in media. I met a person who was in marketing and sales field i saw his hand and told to him that u r not feeling good in ur job and u will not be successful in this field, he first oppose me that his job is going good but after one month come to me and told me that he could not do better in his field what he should he do..i suggest him that ur communication power is not good so u can not survive in that field u can open ur own business and he resign his job and now he is doing his business and he is doing very well.

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Dev Palmsitry Article in the Gujrati New Paper !!

One of my client inform me that "What is worry lines ? the lines which are going to lower mars to any other lines. " is published in the Gujarati New Paper "DIVYABHASKAR"

Rahul : hi, ur article has published in divyabhaskar

Devesh: hi

Rahul : saw ur article in divyabhaskar,i think they hv copy paste from ur article
its regarding mars like(worry line) u hv said its an opportunity line

Devesh : divyabhaskar WHAT is this

Rahu l: gujarati news paper

Devesh : would u plz u give me the link of that page

Rahul : i ll send u for sure, they hv clearly mentioned people think its worry n heath issue line but it is opportunity line, even they hv put same photo as u hv put, i mean photo of hand indicating worry line(opportunity line)

Rahul : when i saw it it remind me ur article, for sure these guys must hv pasted ur article

Devesh: can i convert it into hindi

Rahul: No, its gujarati news paper

Devesh: do u know gujarati

Rahul : but it has written same as ur article
yeah i know

Devesh: its same as mine

Rahul : yeah

Devesh: like conversion

Rahul : no wonder u r good palmist, they have written dis lines r supportive line person who has it they r very sharp minded,logical thinking,they trust on others,n they get opportunity in life periodically, even abt dat mars line i told many they r good but our old astrologer u know how rigid they r

The original post on DevPalmistry is this :


Conversation With Palmistry Lover :

Deepak's Question :
What is worry lines ? the lines which are going to lower mars to any other lines.

Devesh: Have u read about this any where ?
Deepak's Question : yes i have read in lots of book that such type of lines are worry lines.
Devesh: No these are not worry lines. Actually these are the second luck lines, and u can see in ur palm there different lines which are going to mount of mercury and mount of sun.
Deepak's Question : What is the meaning of this when it goes to mount of mercury ?
Devesh: When it goes to mount of mercury it gives you wealth and prosperity.And actually it gives you land , vehicle and house.
Deepak's Question : And what is the meaning of when it goes to mount of sun ?
Devesh : When it goes to mount of sun it give u fame and make u popular, such type of lines are found in Politician, Stars, IAS, PCS officers or Famous Business man.
Deepak's Question: But some writer says it is worries lines ?
Devesh : No this is not right, but such types of writer have not there won experience , they has just read anywhere.They have read some books and according to that they says. I have also read about that this is worries lines but its my own experience that it is the second luck line. Some writer says this is "Rahu lines" and since they says it is rahu lines so they say it is worries lines. My aspect of palmistry is scientific.I analyze any particular line and if any prediction came again again in lots of people then i make a decision that it is final decision.

In the DIVYABHASKAR the article is like that :

કહેવાય છે કે હાથમાં દેખાનારી રેખામાં વ્યક્તિનું ભવિષ્ય સંતાયેલું છે. હાથમાં હદ્યરેખા, મસ્તિષ્ક રેખા, જીવન રેખા અને ભાગ્ય રેખા જોવા મળે છે. આ ઉપરાંત કેટલીક રેખાઓ સહાયક રેખા છે. જે કોઈ પણ વ્યક્તિના જીવનમાં પ્રભાવ પાડે છે. એવી જ એક રેખા છે મંગળ રેખા..

- મંગળ રેખા હથેળીમાં નિમ્મ મંગળ એટલે કે અંગૂઠાની પાસે ધરાવનારા ક્ષેત્રથી નીકળતી હોય તો તે શુક્ર તરફ આગળ વધે છે. એવી જ એક રેખા એક થી વધારે અધિક હોય છે. તે દરેક રેખાઓ પાતળી, મોટી, ઉંડી અને નબળી હોઈ શકે છે. તેને મંગળ રેખા કહેવામાં આવે છે.

- તેમાં બે ભેદ છે. એક તો એવી રેખાઓ જે જીવન રેખાઓની સાથે આગળ વધે છે. એટલા માટે તેમને જીવન રેખાની સહાયક રેખા પણ કહેવામાં આવે છે. બીજી એ સીધી રીતે આગળ વધે છે.

- જેના હાથમાં એવી રેખાઓ હોય છે તે વ્યક્તિ ખૂબ પ્રભાવશાળી હોય છે. તેમના મગજ ખૂબ તેજ હોય છે. તેમાં વિશેષ સ્વરુપથી વિચારવાની અને સમજવાની શક્તિ હોય છે. જીવનમાં તેઓ જે નિર્ણય લે છે તે એક જ વાર લે છે. તેઓ અંત સુધી તે નિર્ણયને નિભાવે છે. એવા લોકો સંપૂર્ણ રીતે વિશ્વાસપાત્ર હોય છે. આ પ્રકારે વ્યક્તિ જીવનમાં અનેક ઉદ્દેશ્ય લઈને આગળ વધે છે. પરંતુ તેઓ લક્ષ્ય પ્રાપ્ત નથી કરી શકતા. તેમને વધારે ગુસ્સો નથી આવતો.

- બીજા પ્રકારની મંગળ રેખા જે જીવન રેખાને છોડીને સીધી જ આગળ વધે છે. આ રેખાઓ શુક્ર પર્વત પર પહોંચે છે. એવી વ્યક્તિ ખૂબ બેજવાબદાર હોય છે. તેમનો સ્વભાવ થોડો ચિડીયો હોય છે. આવેશમાં આવીને તેઓ બધું જ કરવા તૈયાર હોય છે.

- જો મંગળ રેખામાંથી કેટલીક રેખાઓ આગળ નીકળીને ઉપર તરફ વધે તો તેમના જીવનમાં ખૂબ વધારે સારું થાય છે. તેમની ઈચ્છાઓ પૂર્ણ કરવાના તેઓ હંમેશા પ્રયત્નો કરતા હોય છે.

- જો રેખા ભાગ્ય રેખા સાથે મળીને આગળ વધે તો વ્યક્તિનો ખૂબ ઝડપથી ભાગ્યોદય થાય છે.

- જો મંગળ રેખા હ્દય રેખાથી મળે તો તે વ્યક્તિ જરુરિયાતથી વધારે ભાવુક હોય છે.

- જો મંગળ રેખા, ભાગ્યરેખા અને સૂર્યરેખાને કાપે તો તેમનું જીવન જરુરિયાતથી વધારે મુશ્કેલીઓ અનુભવે છે.

- જો મંગળ રેખા પ્રબળ, પુષ્ટ હથેળીમાં ઘસાયેલી હોય તો બેવડી હોય તો તે વ્યક્તિ નિશ્ચિત સ્વરુપે હથિયારો અને ડાકુ હોય છે.

- મંગળ રેખા વિવાહ રેખાને સ્પર્શી લે તે તેનું ગૃહસ્થ જીવન નષ્ટ થઈ જાય છે.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Will you be cheated in your Love !!

A middle finger that bends represents the Exploration Deficit Syndrome. This is exemplified as a strong rebelliousness in youth, which may include illicit sex or sublimation with alcohol or drugs. Or it may be expressed in adventurous travels. Where the rebelliousness is repressed, the person would suffer a deep sense of estrangement. This person would feel that he was not an integral part of the environment even though it contained everything needed.

She has a relationship with her boy friend and she had also a sex relationship with her boy friend in early age,even she was only 10+2 student. When i meat her parents and her grand parents , they were very sad and said they have fed up with her activity,she has relationship and she don't care her parents. She don't care about any body not even her parents and her grand parents.

There is also an another girl who was very badly fall in love and she has spoiled her career for her love, her middle finger is bend, she has taken some medicine and had admitted in the hospital and become well know in her society for this reason.She knows that her boy friend is using her and she wanted to get ride of him.She don't have good impression on her parents.Such Type of person always unsuccessful in his/her love relationship.