Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Question: I am surrounded by a world of thoughts. All sorts of negative weird thoughts are consuming my day. I just cant remain present no matter how much I try. Suppose I see a person on the road, my mind gets tied to him. Many such useless thoughts and patterns consume my day and I am becoming very tired and feel like a lost soul.
Dev: Our mind is a collection of lot of thoughts and judgements from the past. Suppose you are 25 years old then for the past 25 years, you have been gathering a lot of thoughts and judgements according to which our mind is conditioned. As and when we become more and more conscious, we happen to observe all these independent thoughts and judgements that come into action. For every small thing that happens, we become very astonished to observe that so many judgements and thoughts flow into it. So whenever we become conscious, we start seeing all these thoughts and judgements in every little action we do. We get very surprised, that how come we are so judgemental in every such little action. This is where our conditioning comes into picture. When we go more and more deep into the mind we see that we are surmounted by an array of thoughts.As if a mountain of thoughts and judgements seem to cover us up. That is why when we try to go beyond the mind, the mind tries to make it very difficult for us. When we try to concentrate, we are trying to go against the mind. All the time we have a tendency to associate or label feelings/thoughts with "I".Whenever we have a thought, like say go to the office, we associate 'I' with it. We feel like that we are doing it. So in the beginning a thought arrives and we associate with the thought. When we try to not associate the negative thoughts with 'I', then our mind makes us go weird. Mind plays many tricks on us. It bring many weird thoughts at any point and, when we become conscious we become aware of it. Then we say that " why are we thinking like this?" What is the reason for this thought? Mind has this tendency to bring weird thoughts to make us feel that whatever its saying is true. Mind is as vast as an ocean of thoughts, because it has been conditioned for so many years and what we have done has become memory. It gets very difficult to go beyond the mind, its difficult to go beyond the memory, its difficult to go beyond the thoughts. But we should try to anchor ourselves with the body and see if we can hold our concentration to be with the body and not become identified with the mind.The more conscious we become, the thoughts try to become more big and try to reign havoc in our lives. So first we should start to go beyond the mind, beyond the thoughts by using the "Sankalp", do any small work with the consciousness, for example you can do any thing like i will sit on the chair only 5 mint but in the 5 mint i will not move and this small work will increase your consciousness and this will increase be ur will power and ur Sankalp Shakti that will create consciousness and after 5 mint you will go beyond the thoughts, you will feel your confusion has gone and you will feel more peace and joy at heart heart.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Read what is written in your and your partner's palm

Robin Westen is an Emmy Award-winning daytime television writer. She has been writing a weekly quiz column for Woman's World magazine for nearly 20 years She specializes in health, relationships, sex issues, and parenting. Westen has authored several books, including the bestselling YA biography of Oprah Winfrey, I Don't Believe In Failure
In her book Relationship Repair: Quizzes, Exercises, Advice & Affirmations to Mend Any Matter of the Heart Robin Westen wirites that read the hand of ururand partner's hand to know the compatibility , relationshyuip status...she says Every hand is unique ..perhaps thats why resding palms is an ancient tool not only to understand the past and predict the future but to comprenhent a person's true natrue ..of course , true palm reading takes life time study ..however, this snapshot view will definitelly give u insights into ur lovers life she says by palm reading you can know the sadness or complications in relationships, are you feeling good about yourself or not, your partner will cheat or not, are your partner is flirting or not ..is your partner is relaibel and trustworthy or not by palm readingt it will come to know that relationship will be longtr-term, happy, comminted or not ..by palm reading you will come to know about the relationshyuip status

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Question: Dev, I feel very confused at times. Also when I move to a certain area, I feel as if i am spreading the confusion out there too. Like I went to a market place and I was feeling confused and I could see hat even the shopkeeper was feeling confused and was behaving in confusion. I have felt this many a times, that the external situation turns out to be in a similar way like how I am feeling within myself.
Dev: We are all a source of energy. Our bodies are a source of energy. So when you are outside you are actually emitting your consciousness. The feeling of confusion that arises in the mind is completely natural and it happens because we are constantly breaking and changing ourself. We are constantly changing, thats why our mind gets confused always. But, the person who has seen you will not know what is changing within you. He will have an impression about you and based on that he will try to judge you. Like when you are new in the world of consciousness and you are the beginner stages you are bound to feel confused because all this time you have focussed on the outer world and based on that perception you have created an image of yourself. But when we try to understand consciousness, then we are trying to understand something new which we have not learnt for the past twenty years. So definitely, we will feel very difficult at times. Just like a student has to first learn ABCD, then only he can proceed to learn more things. In the world of consiousness, we are new students and we are constantly learning something new. So initially you are bound to feel confused. And also remember, that we should not try to change a person, we should only try to change his consciousness. Because if we change the consciousness of a person, then the present will change. We should only try to affect the consciousness of a person. The more conscious we become, the more it will reflect in our outer world. We always emit a different breath for every emotion. Like say for love there is a breath, for anger there is a breath, for pain there is a breath. If we can feel the breath with the emotion, then we can change the breath. And breath is nothing but our soul.