Sunday, May 24, 2009

Long Ring Fingure !

* The length of our fingers is determined by hormones, especially testosterone, in the first trimester of pregnancy and the finger length ratio never changes as we grow to adulthood. Our fingers, then, are a marker for early foetal development, a critical stage in the growth of brain and body.

* The length of your ring finger is a surefire way of determining your ability in sports.

* Women who have relatively long ring fingers have a greater tendency towards homosexuality/bisexuality, are more aggressive and less fertile than those women with second and fourth digits of similar length.

* In studies Manning has found a strong correlation between long ring fingers and sporting ability.

* Typically, Manning’s research shows, men’s ring fingers are longer than their index fingers while women’s index and ring fingers tend to be the same length. Why? Because males are exposed to greater amounts of testosterone in the womb.

* Ringe fingure is almost equal to the middle (Saturn) fingure. Such person will love to gamble in various spheres in life.
These gambling isstincts which need not be limited to casino, will reveal themselves according to the specific talents or interests of the person.Thus politacal person have such fingures.

* All great polital person Like Indra Gandhi, Raj Nath Sing, Barack Obama have Long Ring Fingure.

* The person who have long fingure would like more fertile, more aggressive and assertive and have more aptitude for music.

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