Thursday, January 13, 2011

Will you be cheated in your Love !!

A middle finger that bends represents the Exploration Deficit Syndrome. This is exemplified as a strong rebelliousness in youth, which may include illicit sex or sublimation with alcohol or drugs. Or it may be expressed in adventurous travels. Where the rebelliousness is repressed, the person would suffer a deep sense of estrangement. This person would feel that he was not an integral part of the environment even though it contained everything needed.

She has a relationship with her boy friend and she had also a sex relationship with her boy friend in early age,even she was only 10+2 student. When i meat her parents and her grand parents , they were very sad and said they have fed up with her activity,she has relationship and she don't care her parents. She don't care about any body not even her parents and her grand parents.

There is also an another girl who was very badly fall in love and she has spoiled her career for her love, her middle finger is bend, she has taken some medicine and had admitted in the hospital and become well know in her society for this reason.She knows that her boy friend is using her and she wanted to get ride of him.She don't have good impression on her parents.Such Type of person always unsuccessful in his/her love relationship.

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priya patel said...

but i think it not happend in all case bcz i also have this type of middle finger. which is very bent but at present i m not relationship with any one or also not in past but failure in love.but it happend in many case 4 failure love.. pooja patel