Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Will i have love marriage or not ?

Your hand is lucky hand as well practical hand so it very good that it is combination of both.

1) Will i have love marriage? I like girl named will i marry her ?

Influence lines inside the life line continue to follow the than all is well with the relationship , but if the line begins to veer off towards the ball of
the thumb the marriage is falling.But there is one infulence line is cuting through the fate line it will create problem to make love marraige. as u grow ur relationship would be more better with ur friend (girl friend), since in the beging you and ur friend is mark you are not likely to find at the start of relationship. So u will be successful to get your love but there might be problem in your love marraige...

So remove this problem chant this mantra : Om chamunde taru tatu (girl Name) karshay akarshay swaha and I will you the Yantra for that purpose.

2) When will i have abroad trip (or whether its in my destiny or not)?

There is possibility but not in early years and for this i m sending u the Chandra Yantra.Take the print out of the Chandra Yantra and use this yantra on ur pooja room or you can also use it in your room.

3)How will be my married life ?

Your life partner would be more lucky for you and you will be more successful after marriage..it may be you will start and progress of new business which makes you more independent and you will earn more name and fame...Your marriage life will be fine.

4) How will be my finances?

Since your sun line is very fine so u will have sense of deep satisfaction and u will have achievement in terms of finances success.Right now you are not being able to save money but after the marriage u will be able to save money and there is chance of instance money..instance money means sudden money...

5) Will i be happy in my life or not cause since birth i am not happy with my life ,will my life will hard or after sometime its is going to better

Yes , Life was not easy in growing - up the you grow up to thinking so this make you you touchy person. Since little problem in Saturn and Sun, so use to porning the water to sun with that mantra : Om Hraam Hreem Hraum Sah Suryaye Namah. and for saturn wear Gem "....." 1/4 ratati and take the blessing of God Shani...if possible life the deep at evening at Shani Temple and don't umbrella(black) to any poor person on Saturday.

6) Why i am so unlucky ? i know i don't have strong luck line.

Since there is island on your luck line thats why there is problem in your life but don't worry the effect of this is about to finish and i will give you the Some Yantra which remove the bad impact of that island.

There are some more points :

You have a very good leadership quality.

You are a family oriented person.

You have not been a flirting person.

Love affair is there in your life and there are 3 girls in your life.

Increase the nail of little finger

You will have success suddenly.

Little bit communication gap with your father

You are flexible , you give priority to relationship rather than money.

Note : Don't chant any Mantra and don't use any Yantra without showing the palm to the Palmist or Astrologer.


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